Lazio - Tottenham: match report

Lazio - Tottenham: match reportIn the first quarterfinal match in the UEFA Cup on the pitch Roman "Olympia" link local "Lazio" and Turkish "Besiktas". From the beginning of the meeting, the Romans tried to make it clear to your opponent who's boss. In the second minute of the match, they got right to the corner, but the kick Sinisa Mihajlovic was too strong and went down out of bounds. Did not pose a serious threat to the gate of the Turkish team and the second corner in the execution of Serbs. To cope with the onslaught of the Romans, the Turks went on the attack. Attack Punk from long range goes over the crossbar Peruzzi. At the 14th minute of the match Chiesa brought to the shock position Claudio Lopez, but the kick in the Argentinean turned weak and Cordoba easily captured the ball. Moments later "laziali" had a brilliant chance to take the lead. Chiesa made a flank of Paradou into the penalty area guests, but Lazetic failed to tame the ball and the Romans have missed, perhaps, the surest chance for scoring the Turks in the first half. The pressure on the gate of the Istanbul club has intensified with each passing minute. Favalli rushed into the penalty area, but his side and earned a corner. There was a presentation, but a little Couto did not reach the ball. Withstand another assault the Romans, the Turks have once again demonstrated the ability to hold the ball. Lazio stepped back, waiting until the Turkish players will open. Jaap Stam, as always, reliably cope with their defensive role, nullifying the efforts of the Punk and the other forwards Besiktas. All attempts of the Romans to tip the scales in their favor before the end of the first half had no success. On the 41st minute of the match Yildirim earned the first yellow card.The debut of the second half was also behind the Roman players. In the fifth minute of the match, Roberto Mancini was replaced by Inzaghi on Favalli that have had a crucial impact on the outcome of the match. Six minutes later after appearing on the field Inzaghi, Jr. scored the only goal of the match, finishing a cross from the flank Stankovic. Game after scoring goals Italians went on a collision course. The owners of dangerously attacked M., Chiesa, the Turks - Sergen and Punk. A few minutes before the final whistle Fiore, replacing Kieza, missed a real opportunity to re-score. Win Lazio with a minimum score leaves the question about the winner of this quarter-final pairs open. The answer will be given one week in Istanbul..

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