Very serious Giggs

Very serious GiggsIn the English Premier League "Manchester United" can not keep up with Arsenal. However, in the UEFA Champions League, sir Alex hunt glory.Nine wins in ten matches of the Champions League allowed the wards of sir Alex Ferguson without much hassle to secure a place in the quarter-finals. However, Ryan Giggs is not going to relax and set to win in the match of the 11th round against Basel."Yes, we have already secured their place in the top eight, but a win over Basel is very important to us, " says Giggs Although we have a guaranteed hit in the playoffs with the first place, our fans will not tolerate wishy-washy games at home. Because until now we looked at "old Trafford" more than confident".The only failure in the current League Champions, Manchester United suffered in October in Cyprus, when in the first match of the group stage lost to Maccabi Haifa. And although the result already on what did not influence, it was hardly consolation for Giggs."Even if the game is not important in the sense standings, we don't want to lose anything! says Giggs. - In Cyprus, the coach released a few young players. However, whoever took the field, it's still - "Manchester United". Each result affects all of us. Regardless of who will be on the field in the match against Basel, we are determined to win".Giggs, who at 29 is considered a veteran, "MU", notes that "Basel" worthy of respect, despite the fact that he had no loud regalia. Many have already paid for what was applied to the Swiss club with disdain. "Of course, "Basel" can not be called the European Grand, but it is important to remember that in the first group round, he walked around Liverpool. But this says a lot, " says Giggs. - We know the potential is "Basel". This season he has maintained the prestige of Swiss football."Despite excellent performance in the League, on the domestic front, the case of Manchester United are not as successful. Giggs explains these failures: "Such a high level of competition in the Premier League before. The difference in class between the leaders and the rest decreased significantly, so it is very difficult to win match after match. However, in the Champions League we are quite qualified, and we are not alien to European style. This gives the team more confidence in their abilities".The finale of the current season's Champions League will be held at "old Trafford", which was the best incentive for "MU". The prospect of playing in the final match at their stadium Giggs believes very appetizing. "Any Champions League final is a fantastic event," he says. - And the final at old Trafford even more interesting. This is a special match, thrilling all fans of football. Of course, to participate in this game you need to pass a difficult and winding path, but I have no doubt that each of my partners dreams of the same".Ian Spragg.

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