Eternal Derby of the Eternal city...

Eternal Derby of the Eternal city...Luxury flowers, banners with unflattering words about football functionaries, excerpts from films with the great Italian actor Alberto Sordi, tear gas, stones, flying down from the stands, the showdown between coaches and referees - which was not only yesterday, at the stadium "Stadio Olimpico" before, during and after the Rome Derby. To an outside observer it might seem that it is on any view, and not at a football match between the two capital clubs.It all started perfectly. Before the start of the match the captains Roma and Lazio Francesco Totti and Giuseppe Favalli was presented with a magnificent bouquet of flowers sister Alberto Sordi, once again honour the memory of the great Italian actor. The fans of both teams a round of applause greeted Aurelia Sordi, the first time came to the stadium "Stadio Olimpico" in the company of the mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni, as well as the presidents of both clubs Franco Sensi and Ugo Longo to cheer for your favorite team of his brother. Note, also, that two hours before the start of the match on giant stadium screens replayed excerpts from famous films with Alberto Sordi, which, in General, and it was dedicated to the Roman Derby.However, despite such a touching beginning that everyone soon forgot that everything was not as pretty and decent. High school football fans of Roma and Lazio, of course not for a moment forget that they are eternal rivals, and the riots at the stadium began with the match, but did not end with his termination. His aggressiveness particularly stood out for the fans, "Lazio", came to the stadium with banners against recently adopted by the Italian government of the law to toughen measures against football hooligans. One of the banners especially liked all, without exception, high school football fans and was greeted with unanimous applause. The banner read: "At the time, as Fiat's firing thousands of workers, while Berlusconi presides over all processes in the country, while the world is threatened by war, while the number of pedophiles is increasing day by day, the state "saves" football and sends fans to the galleys". The police, of course, did not sit idly by, and used tear gas, but it is unlikely to pacify the excited fans, throwing everything that was on hand down from the stands. There have also been arrested, most of whom were young people up to 20 years, mainly "Laziale". Care of fans from the stadium, annoyed by the result of the match (1-1), also were accompanied by clashes with police and riots continued in the streets of Rome.But, it seems, were not only angry high school football fans. The coach of Lazio, Roberto Mancini appeared not in the best mood to reporters at the postgame press conference."Roma did absolutely nothing. I am very interested to know that wandered in my head linesman during goal by Corradi? I think that it's time to change jobs. No, we never complain, but this is a very gross error. Such referees should be disqualified for a few matches because it is so grossly mistaken. The guys deserved to win," said the coach of the "white-blue".As they say, "in anger, I'm afraid", and Mancini did not spare the referee Messina, who at the end of the match, sent off two players: Delvecchio of "Roma" and Stankovic from Lazio."Looks like the referee likes to show red cards at the end of the match. Remember, he also did Couto in Turin," said Mancini.Colleague Mancini Roma coach Fabio Capello has been relatively calm."The first goal we conceded our fault. We were very inattentive and made a few mistakes. However, in the second half we played much better. Cassano? He still needs to gain experience, and I'm sure he will be able to become a real star. He's in good shape, and this team now needs to use," concluded Capello..

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