Rubin has not yet decided whether he would remain in Spartacus

Rubin has not yet decided whether he would remain in SpartacusYesterday, the correspondent "SE" met with the President "Spartaka" Andrey Chervichenko.- In the application for the season, which "Spartak" has filed ten days ago, was not number of players. In particular, Torbinsky, Baranova, Smirnova and ruby. Will they dobavleny?- Torbinsky, which we restructure the contract, will soon add to the application. Want all players were new agreements, which have not only the responsibility of the club to the players, but also players before the club. These measures prompted us latest regulations that significantly untied the hands of the players. In the future Baranova Spartak still undecided. As for Smirnoff, we passed his case to the Chamber of dispute resolution. All football the laws of "Spartacus" is absolutely right. If there's nothing will not be solved until the end of the week, we will be forced to turn to FIFA. Although I would not like to see.- What's the situation with Rubin?- Ruby we took 50 percent blind, relying more on statistics. Tentatively agreed to the same conditions, but after fees, the club made the player a different proposal, which we consider normal. Ruby still doesn't agree with him. If he goes for our personal terms of the contract will remain in "Spartak". Otherwise, don't. So the last word for a footballer. In this position we can play and Kebe, and rootless, and if necessary Kalinichenko. We can't afford to keep one of several highest-paid players.- Belarusian striker Vasilyuk, who returned from lease, remains in the team?- Yes. Morning signed a new four-year contract. He is gradually recovering from the injury and after two weeks I will start full training. Stays with us and striker End, but the Likhtarovich and Shigero in "Spartak" will not. (As said the club's sporting Director Alexander Chikunov, the Brazilian striker Robert in "Spartak" will not)..

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