Torpedo-Metallurg - Spartak. After the match

Torpedo-Metallurg - Spartak. After the matchNot to say that goalless draw, which ended the match two Moscow teams - "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" and "Spartacus," was "zero" and the game. First, the opponents had a couple of chances they should have scored. Secondly, the judge Baskakov two players removed, and also gave five warnings, which indicates not peaceful nature of the meeting. Thirdly, making a discount on the spring nature of football and the not-so-good quality of the field at the stadium. Streltsova, I must admit that the match looked.After the game at a meeting with reporters came only head coach of "torpedo" Sergey Aleynikov. His counterpart Oleg Romantsev habitually taken for a long time, sent to the press reception of his assistant - this time Sergei Pavlov. And Mr. Pavlov for starters congratulated with the beginning of the season. And then said, "I Hope we will discover a new team this year and we will see good football. Unambiguous assessment of this game there are obvious disadvantages for both teams, although the players are trying, occasionally showing a good game. The opening match is always difficult to judge, so I will not discuss the decision of the arbitrator. As for our players, Titov, Vashchuk and Robert actually played "list, so they will add. Moreover, Titov rivals watched, frankly rudely. He even got a new damage, the nature of which will be judged by our doctors. I am sure that in the future we will develop. Because we have many injured players, we nevertheless expect in the future. I want to mention the goalkeeper Buggy that is played on outputs and not missed. He lacks a little bit of the Russian language for communication with the defenders, but then we adjust it, it is not for us to teach French?! But who disappointed, because this Pavlyuchenko - need to score in these moments that he had three partners created".Aleynikov overall the team were positive, but said that he wanted more: "the moments we beat Spartak. Moreover, the opponents also does not surprise me, though, of course, we remember another "Spartacus". Today's team is not the one we all remember and love, and competitors fear. She has much work ahead. But we are going to develop the game to reach the level of the old "torpedo".Short comments and gave the two leaders of "Spartacus" Yegor Titov and Vladislav Vashchuk. "After a pass Smirnova I could score, - said Titov, but Shustikov confidently knocked the ball. It was necessary to respond faster, but I haven't in the best shape". Vashchuk to a question about the game shrugged: "Impressions not too much. I expected more from an opponent"..

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