Lada - Saturn-REN TV. The analysis of the match

Lada - Saturn-REN TV. The analysis of the matchIn the hardest fight that ended with a penalty shoot-out, won by Togliatti "Lada".One could hardly expect from the procedure bloodless in the offseason Lada's participation in the Cup field. As noted by the mentor of plant employees Alexander Garmashov, before the team this season, the challenge is not to withdraw from the competition at the national championship. But in "Saturn" plans would be extremely clear. At a meeting with Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov before the team was tasked to win the Cup. How his team will begin to implement this plan, Mr Gromov came to watch himself.Hard to say what the view remained the Hero of the Soviet Union about the outcome of yesterday's match, but the audience at the stadium "torpedo" ten thousand fans yesterday were overjoyed - they witnessed the birth of a new idol. His name is Alexander Sulima, almost alone propinsi of plant employees in the semi-finals of this prestigious tournament. However, every player in a close-knit team of Alexander (business information office gave for the sake of winning every last drop of his sweat. Perhaps, it was the only card in the deck of plant employees. Doubt that suburban visitors superior Junior grade in the class, did not occur during virtually the entire game. On emotions "Lada" was only the starting orientation meeting. And "TV people" began the systematic siege gate Sulima. Some good moments foolishly ruined Sergey Rogachev. Vuzovtsy same really could not catch the ball in the opposition half of the field.When to many it seemed that the suburban team here pressurizes obstinate opponents, "Lada" at the end of the first half snapped the two attacks. First Andrei Serbin after the transfer of Sergei Davydov managed to push the ball past Eugene Kornyuhina. However, this goal was not counted. Again an explosion of emotions in the stands happened after a few minutes, when all the same Davydov appeared on a shock position, but the game stopped the flapping of a flag of the linesman.The second half was marked by a clash in the penalty of "Lada". It Rogachev shamelessly cut the Lithuanian legionary scoring a winner of Nereus the Baras, resulting in the team almost met wall to wall. Be that as it may, visitors are quite firmly taking the initiative on the field to your hands. And here in all its glory showed Belarusian goalkeeper of plant employees, in one scene, pulled out his "dead" after hitting the ball Rogachev. At least twice a great opportunity to distinguish missed Jović and the same Rogachev.A similar scenario took place and overtime. If in the first 15 minutes of clear chances in front Sulima was not, then the guests at least four times could tip the scales in their favor. In one episode, no one, probably, did not understand, as the goalkeeper of the plant crew pulled the ball from the right nine. In the end, eminent guests brought the case to a series of 11-meter, and Sulima three times left with the nose of penalty kickers "Saturn". His vis-a-vis kornuhin has helped the team only once, pulling away from the corner the ball after a close range shot Garmashova. But the newly-minted captain of "Lada" Evgeni Kaleshin its 11-meter performed poorly, sending the football shot exactly at the center of the gate. The victorious point in a match was put by Sergey Davydov - 3:2."Lada" for the second time swept away from the Cup footpaths suburban team. A couple of years ago a similar stunt squad (business information office has done with "Saturn", when it was headed by Sergey Pavlov, and the attack shined Maxim Buznikin.Lada (Togliatti) - Saturn-REN TV (Moscow region) - 0:0, 3:2 on penalties.Goals: Belozerov - 1:0, Rogachev - 1:1, Zhdanov - 2:1, Malai ? 2:1 (goalkeeper), E. Kaleshin - 2:1 (goalkeeper), pots - 2:2, Gerlachov - 2:2 (goalkeeper), Mor - 2:2 (goalkeeper), Davydov - 3:2, Bazaev - 3:2 (goalkeeper).Lada: Sulima, Zaseev, I. Kaleshin, Angelica, Baras, Gerlachov, Belozerov, E. Kaleshin (K) Serbin (Zhdanov, 63), Glushchenko, Davydov.Saturn-REN TV: kornuhin, Malay, Bystrov (Pavlovich, 59, Medvedev, 90), pots (to), Muratovic, Rogachev, Hidalgo, Mor, Prince Y. Amoako, jeder, Jović (Bazaev, 73).Best player: Sulima ("Lada").Punishment: Rogachev, 48, Baras, 48, pots, 92 - warning.Judges: V. Shaveyko, A. Lukashin, A. Tsvetov (all - Moscow).Inspector: M. Vorotyntsev (Novocherkassk).19 March. Tolyatti. The Torpedo Stadium. 10 000 spectators. 0 degree. Play time: 125.00 (1-St half: 46.00 2nd half: 48.00). Additional time 16.00 15.00.Shots on goal: 8-21, of them on target: 4-10, free from: 6-17, free: 2-4, rod: 0-0, beam: 0-0, corner: 4-10, offsides: 6-2, fouls: 18-20.Maksym Kurochkin.

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