Patrick Vieira: the Main problem UEFA hypocrisy!

Patrick Vieira: the Main problem UEFA hypocrisy!As reported by Reuters, UEFA has called on Arsenal to make a formal complaint about racism from fans of "Valencia" in relation to the players of the English club during yesterday's Champions League match. The official representative of the European football Federation complained that such information usually appears in the press, instead of being formally considered by UEFA. In turn, today's British Newspapers quote Arsenal man Patrick Vieira: "the Main problem UEFA is hypocrisy. They assert that working to improve the situation, and they only fined clubs for 2-3 thousand pounds".Recalling these words, the UEFA representative stated that these figures are not true. In the last two such cases, the disciplinary Committee has fined the Dutch PSV "Eindhoven" on 30 thousand Swiss francs ($10 thousand), and the national team of Slovakia was forced to spend the next official home game without spectators. Interestingly, in both cases, racism was manifested towards the English teams - it's all the same to Arsenal and the England national team, respectively..

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