Yuri Semin: Against Roma played better

Yuri Semin: Against Roma played betterAny defeat is never pleasant, especially if he begins the season. However, the head coach of railwaymen Yury Semin even hot on the heels after the match in Milan was ready to make a detailed comment on the actions of his team.? A year and a half ago after an away defeat against Roma, you said that it was tantamount to victory. How do you evaluate now result of the game in Milan?? Then in Rome, we really showed a good game, much better than it is now. This time I can be happy with the actions of their wards only in some episodes of the match, in which we practically lost to the home team. And, of course, we must admit that the bar facing our team has recently raised. At the end of last season "the locomotive" not only fought on equal terms with the leading clubs of the continent, but also regularly scored points. Therefore, in any case defeat distressing for us.? Are you satisfied with the action in the match with "Milan" captain "the Locomotive" Dmitry Loskov?? Yes, I believe that Loskov was excellently executed. It complied fully with the instructions of the coach, all of his creative action in the match were the exacerbation of the game. He once again proved himself as the real leader of the team.? To what extent the game Lokomotiv affected by the lack of injured players club?? We did not have enough attacking Obiora and Julio Cesar. Each of them is able to decide the outcome of the meeting. At "San Siro "to the locomotive" it was extremely difficult to create danger in front of goal. We certainly had a limited selection of front line players.? In the game opponent you surprised?? "Milan" is an outstanding club. It includes brilliant players who play leading roles in their national teams - Brazil, Italy, Portugal. So the coaching staff of our opponents have a large selection of top-class players and, if necessary, the Milanese can vary the composition. So to compete with them is always extremely hard. In principle about this game and we were motivated. It was useless to hope that she will somehow fundamentally different way. We in turn tried to do everything to step up to the first match of the season in optimal condition, adjusted their training in the course fees. But still we must admit that in February to compete on an equal footing with rivals such as AC Milan, is extremely difficult, though, as shown by our meeting, it is still possible.? After replacing Buznikin on Izmailova "locomotive" in the second half remained a nominal forward. Does this mean that by that time you already didn't count on a win and to challenge your players consisted of only one thing: to hold back the increasing onslaught of "Milan"?? I believe that this claim is impossible. It must always continue to look for their chances, even if the situation is unfavorable. We by no means planned that after leaving the field Izmailova the number of players involved in the attack "Locomotive" should decrease. It was assumed that the closer to the line of attack to act Loskov, the same Izmailov will exacerbate the game. Unfortunately, not all we have in Milan turned out as intended. Although, I believe that we still had chances for a different outcome of the match. Play correctly Izmailov, would not have happened this goal. And had we been a little luckier in the attack, things could shape up for us in the "San Siro" in a different way? Standings Lokomotiv now became more difficult.? Yes, but that does not mean that we stop fighting now. After all, the situation in the standings significantly changed after each round. Why need to fight to the end, using all resources command.? You hope that the home game against Milan will be for Lokomotiv easier?? No, of course. So this is the team that playing with her is always very hard. Although we are the closest Tuesday, when will be the match of the second round of the group tournament, will take into account their own mistakes. Negative experiences also need to be able to use.Michael Shpenkov.

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