Ricardo cabanas: Russian national team Albania heaven will not seem

Ricardo cabanas: Russian national team Albania heaven will not seemThis player at the time, fairly spoiled the mood Valeriy Gazzaev. In the fall of 2001, in Ramenskoye, Russia's Junior team couldn't overcome the Swiss peers. With the score 3:1 in favor of the then gazzaevskoy team player with an unusual for Swiss surname scored two goals and took the hosts a place in the next stage of the European championship. In the current cycle of the championship of the continent Gazzaev and Cabanas, apparently, destined to cross again.The correspondent "SE" was in Grasshopper" by noon - a time when Zurich "grasshoppers" are generally returned to training and is reinforced in the club's restaurant. But my companion, the only one in the team player of the national team of Switzerland, did not sit at a dinner for the players communal table. 24-year-old midfielder showed the nobility, abandoning the afternoon as it was in the course: I'm only passing through Zurich, hurry on the train, and therefore chose a different table is used for interviews. The first question was inevitable: how to correctly pronounce the name of the player, who is called Swiss national team tomorrow?- Still cabaГ±as you or cabanas? You can hear both versions.- The fact is that many people mistakenly think: he has Spanish roots, we automatically need to soften in the names of the letter "n". But above it there are no additional characters, so really I'm cabanas.- But did you know that English is your name similar to the name of a wild pig.- Really? you will reach the source. - Actually with Spanish my name is translated differently: it means something like huts. About Russian option no one told me, even though I was several times in your region. By the way, I love to travel to Russia. The horrors that talked about your fans, was invented: if they stopped us, within reason. Can not be said about the Albanian fans. Know that your team will soon play in this country. Now - I want to warn you, heaven it your boys will not seem. We are faced with many at first sight unimportant moments, but overall, this has led to the fact that we could not win. And then I realized: for me there is nothing worse than playing country football midgets. Russia is another matter. You know what else I liked? Women and vodka.- After listening to you, you might think that you sort of playboy.- Of course, I'm not like that. And free time is too little. Just recently we were in St. Petersburg after the victory over Zenit are unable to really enjoy Russian specialty drinks. After a couple of days we had to play in the national championship.- And when was the last time you made a rash act?- This, perhaps, will hold back. I, of course, is no angel. But always learn from their own mistakes.- Including those that do on the pitch? Yes. Recall, for example, a qualifying match youth national team with the Russians. In the first half we played horrible, but during the break he analyzed his mistakes - and it went. I then scored two goals. Generally the atmosphere that was created on that team, reminds me of the one that prevails today in our national team. Then managed to start a generational change. Something similar happened in the mid 90-ies, when Switzerland had a very efficient team. So sure this time we will be able to outperform your team and get into the final of the European championship.- You have two nationality - Spanish and Swiss. Anyone feel yourself more?- After matches I feel squeezed lemon. All because of emotions on the field, screaming at full throat, the blood boiling, then I look like a true Spaniard. But in everyday life can behave completely differently. Take the fact that show is usually not peculiar to southerners punctuality: come to meetings carefully, at the appointed time. Have become so because on the second home I have many friends who have adopted their positive qualities. In short, I think, took each of these Nations is the best. In Spain it annoys me chaos: for example, you can go to the Bank and to wait for over an hour. In Switzerland there is no such thing. But cannot get that to the players here are cool. Impressed that in this country, I, in fact, an alien who has never experienced oppression. Maybe that's true, because since the childhood lived in the area, inhabited mostly by immigrants.- Say, on your decision to become a football player has impacted his father...- He doesn't advise it, but when I made a choice, became my agent. This is a big plus, when your deeds are native people who you can trust - including money. In addition, his father worked as a breeder in Grasshopper", but now continues this deal at another club.- Is it true that your mother is in the state "Grasshopper", working as a personal translator at Latin American stars of the club?- Not she, and I help them. Because I'm a polyglot. And the school is very well studied. I was persuaded to continue his education, but I realized: without football I wouldn't live. Mom, however, also takes care of our alien, but completely different area - cuts them, because she has her own hair salon. It uses the services of the entire team.Here's me and she recently got it cut.

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