Icelanders are sober in their assessments of their chances

Icelanders are sober in their assessments of their chancesCoach of Iceland Utley Edvaldsson noted that he believes that Scotland will be able to beat Germany and win yourself a ticket to the European championship 2004 in Portugal."Of course, I think the Scots have a chance against Germany. They will be able to win in this match. The Germans have a lot of problems at the moment, and nobody knows how they will perform. German fans are also very interesting people. When they cheer for their national team, we are ready for anything, as at the 2002 world Cup, but when they turn away from their Pets, the team may lose," said the coach.Edvaldsson expressed pessimistic about the chances of his team to qualify from the group and stated that they will not try to avenge the defeat of the Scots by 0-2 last year in Reykjavik."About any revenge. If we win in the upcoming match against Scotland, it would be tantamount to qualify from the group. Today I'd settle for a draw. In our country lives only 270,000 people, and in case of injury of one player, we will not be able to find another player of the same level. If the Scots lose someone, we have 10 replacements this footballer. According to statistics FIFA, we, can be, and are above Scotland, but I'm never interested in those data, they have no meaning. Scotland is a favorite in this match, and I don't think anyone thinks that the national teams of Iceland, Lithuania or the Faroe Islands are going to fight with Germany for leadership in the group. But, of course, there's always a chance, and we will see. The Eidur to Gudjonsen always manage to score at the right time, but if we had another 3 or 4 high-profile players around him, we would be a little easier," said Edwardson.Gudjonsen in turn, said that Saturday's qualifying match with Scotland is very important for both sides, as both teams are fighting for second place after Germany."For both sides is a match for life and death. We can take revenge for last year's defeat. I look forward to this game, but for us there's no pressure, since few think we can do anything," said Gudjohnsen..

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