Kaiserslautern - the first finalist of the Cup of Germany

Kaiserslautern - the first finalist of the Cup of GermanyIn the first semifinal of the German Cup at the stadium named Fritz Walter agreed local. FC Kaiserslautern and Werder Bremen. In addition to reaching the final of the national Cup, a win in this encounter promised a part in the UEFA Cup, provided that the Munich "Bavaria" well on the road to their next League title, and thus to participate in the UEFA Euro tournament, will play in the second semifinal match Bayer Leverkusen. For "Kaiserslautern", which closes the standings of the Bundesliga, reaching the final of the national Cup was the last chance to save the honor of the uniform that, going forward, we can say they succeeded in full.The opening match was for the "red devils", from the beginning of the meeting showed who's boss. Already on the eighth minute Lincoln tapped in a cross from the flank Klose, blow his head sending the ball into the goal of Bremen. All attempts of the players with the river Weser awaking under the veil of the first half, to tie the score had no success. In the second half the game scenario has not changed. Taking advantage of the sluggishness of the Bremen defenders in their own penalty area, Klose doubled the score in the seventh minute of the second half. Wards Thomas Schaaf was not able to benefit from the removal of the defender "Kaiserslautern" Grammatica at 63rd minute of the match. Moreover, left in the minority, the home team increased the pressure on the opponent, who could not adjust combinational game. Ten minutes before the final whistle, Klose stole the ball from Bremen midfielder and threw a long pass downfield Timm, substitute two minutes earlier. Bursting into the penalty area, "Bremen", forward "Kaiserslautern" is not missed. 3:0 is the score and ended the first semifinal match of the German Cup."I'm happy with both the result and the progress of the game, said after the meeting the coach, "Kaiserslautern" Eric Gerets, we were masters of the situation throughout the game and deservedly won." The same mood of his Bremen opponent was a match for the outcome of the meeting."A critical success factor in today's match were martial arts, "said the coach of Werder Bremen, Thomas Schaaf,' but in this part of the game we did not Shine today". The side Kaiserslautern in the German Cup final will be determined in a meeting between Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen..

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