Andrei fedikow is going to return to the Premier League

Andrei fedikow is going to return to the Premier League- Do you agree that the past season was the Falcon" a failure?- If you flew, what you can be talking about the success?!- It seemed that "Falcon" is not mentally ready to fight for survival.- It was. I personally even in a bad dream could not dream of. We knew that the season will be difficult, but nobody in the team could not imagine that it would be this bad. What, in your opinion, the reason for the fiasco?- Our troubles began in Holland. At the final gathering of our rivals "drove" as wanted. When we lost several matches in a row, it became clear that it would be difficult.- You are not the first footballer "Falcon", who scolds Holland and collection in this country. What happened with the team?- If someone knew about this? But all players instead of lightness that is needed at the start, it was the reverse feeling. It seemed to me that the legs are cast iron. I think coaches also understand that we are not okay. Why it happened, I don't know. But it's a fact.- Start worst fears confirmed. But why then the team failed to reverse the situation?- We mentally broke down, starting to lose. One failure superimposed on another, the atmosphere in the team became more and more nervous. In the end, find yourself the majority of the team's players failed.- You too?" Yes. As bad as last year, I have not played ever. Even in the "Baltic" when we took off, turned out better.- You - most discussed fans player of the Millennium Falcon. Hard to live in the limelight?- Used. Although the noise around him is not love.- The criticism offended?- No. If a person can explain their point of view, and it will not be biased, then that is his right. Offends stupid criticism and changeability. Scoring hero, not scored - you know, what can mix in the stands.- It is believed that in Saratov evil fans.- Goodwill is lacking, that's for sure. Ideally, the fan should be with the team always. And when she loses, and wins when. In Saratov the players are only good when you're winning.- Once you even pelted with snowballs-- At this point I was very bitter. Like tried. Did something for the club, and the response is a hail of snowballs. Well, the hands at this point were occupied. Otherwise I would probably not resist.- Oleg Veretennikov one day I couldn't resist. The story made headlines.- Oleg fans hunted, often insulting human dignity. I his actions do not justify, but understand. Wild it all. In Kaliningrad even imagine such impossible. For fans of "Baltika" is the ideal. People for the team is ready to die. In the atmosphere that is created around the team, bad can not play. Ashamed then very.- You were in Kaliningrad ashamed?- Yes. To go from Saratov never wanted?- I believe that "Falcon" is my team. Even her fans pelted me with snowballs.- You are now a captain of the Millennium Falcon. This status somehow changed you?- Not much. Was the first to go on the field, judges often be suitable.- What about the responsibility? It is believed that the captain of the team demand a special.- Responsibility for the result and I was so high. Maybe before you guys became more responsibilities. I now not only answer for myself, but for the whole team. The position of the captain this implies.- Captain you were appointed or were the elections?- Elections were in the spring. The captain was Veretennikov. Vice-captains Zhidkov and me. Oleg left the team, Sasha first got injured, and then played for the reserves. So the armband was passed to me.- And what a result for the attacker is to recognize good?- Fifteen goals a season in official matches. Less is bad, more good. Aren't you lift up the bar?- No. For a real striker is an acceptable result.

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