Loco in Dortmund: without power, without will, without Loskov

Loco in Dortmund: without power, without will, without LoskovUnfounded fears of Sibauma"Look, here's what I can't understand. They also gave you to play! In the center is not "too", not pressed, allowed to stop and handle the ball. Why after the first pass was take away God-knows-where? Why you didn't try to hold the ball? You know how to do!"Marat Izmailov was listening to a passionate monologue striker "Cologne" Archil Arveladze, who came to Dortmund to see the recent comrade in a hospital bed. Listened and just nodded sadly. Let the 20-year-old midfielder, slowly rising from the ashes, and created both acute point "Locomotive", what answer could he give? Eye Izmailov gave a longing and despair - feelings that could cause any of us this match. If a Belgian judge de Bleeckere (nothing, by the way, not guilty) is judging the match of German and Russian clubs - 't even wait for trouble, and some painful devastation. October 2001: "Bavaria" - "Spartak". March 2003: "Borussia" - "locomotive". How pulls fevers of hopelessness on "Westfalenstadion" pill by any signs...But should not substitute for thoughtful therapy quackery bogus. To find the right medication, it is necessary not to make a wrong diagnosis. And for him - to bring together the symptoms.No one is going to cross the last year's merit "Locomotive". And the capture of Istanbul, and the conquest of Bruges, and the miracle in Madrid (and Brussels is 5:1 in 2001) - remember and remain grateful to the Team for the second phase of the Champions League flowing through their hearts and not treated as foreign luxuries from the seven seas.But there is the dialectics of life, which once brought in one of their heroes Remarque. Was in his "Three comrades" one honored veteran, who in time of peace continued to live with war. Every day he was doing only what was sitting at the bar and proclaimed a toast for the dead and surviving friends. Comrades in the trenches looked at him with sympathy and pity.We must live for today and, respecting its former prowess, not to shake with indignation military orders in response to the question: "how do you live today?" Football is also a concern: the Russian team spent the first half of 2002 on the euphoria of the exit from the qualifying group. How it ended in Japan, remind, think, don't.So, what was today "the Locomotive"?"When it was time, and we could not open the account, I was worried that there may be a bad scenario of our last match in Moenchengladbach, said during the break, the President of Borussia Gerd Niebaum. Keep Lokomotiv our attacks before the break, in the second half he could be out of the other team."I think nothing to worry about, Herr Niebaum. What happened, soberly assesses Vadim Evseev: "In this game we had no chance." In this game - and, even worse, such a collective lack of will.Before Lokomotiv, even when contracted, beyond willpower defended the barricades at the gate and the enemy entered the city" only at the moment when its walls, figuratively speaking, there were not any living fighter. How many times in Europe "Loco" was like a bull at the bullfight, which rage and pride would not allow to fall or after the first or after the second bloody prick Torero!Now Ignashevich, usually cliff-like, allowed Collier to strike from inside the penalty area. No resistance at the time of the third goal outside the penalty is not provided Amoroso. Almost one hundred percent of the rebounds of the ball in the "front line" team Yuri Semin were Dortmund - can't even remember when Lokomotiv last time so soft defensively. As it turned out, each player of the German club in the Arsenal is sniper a 20-metre rifle and thus such reverence defenders like death.Why hadn't jumped the Boss?Even Ovchinnikov, always dairyhouse episodes before the end, and he just watched the ball after a shot of Frings. Yes, the trajectory of the shot was leaving, and the Boss, judging by the opinion, decided that the ball will pass the gate. The moment of impact he's also probably not seen. But never, never it that way not stood rooted to the spot! Decisions about any action - or inaction - man takes on a subconscious level. To the moment of impact of Frings, let me remind you, almost a full half. So hopeless, that "Loco" never even shot at the goal. Not on target - at all.And I somehow think that if inside Ovchinnikova sat a devil team resistance Borussia, Sergei would have jumped. As in the matches against Milan and CSKA flew behind every bad ball. Here only this evening, Lokomotiv went on the field, clutching his shoulders and his head bowed. Every minute is lower. The goalkeeper is too important and the center piece to this and not feel at least it is not impregnated. "Well he would take that shot - so would be followed by two more of the same", - shared her impressions after the match Sergey Shcherbakov. Better not say. And don't explain why the goalkeeper, worked Hottabych in three previous matches, lost magic spell in the fourth.Lesson Collerbone, of course, to say that great care Koller "the locomotive" has not sufficed disqualified Nizhegorodov. But here it was: and the first match with "Borussia" in Cherkizovo, when he played, and the Czech Gulliver was equally as powerful.Speaking of Collier. 've all seen - and probably, like your correspondent, were shocked - how artfully the man is the height 202 cm handles the ball. Circle three in a row defenders "Loko" last December failed even with Ronaldo, Zidane - and Koller not only upstairs, but downstairs did with the defense of Russia's Champions everything they wanted. When it was replaced, the rostrum accompanied Cech standing. What is its lesson for our, including lokomotivschik, players?How much can be achieved hard work on yourself. In 21 years, Collier was expelled from Sparta Prague. ... The hopelessness. Hurled into the depths of the Belgian second division. And then the giant started. What he did on himself in training and after them seemed monstrous. But as time passed - and then he becomes top scorer of the second division. Receives an invitation to Anderlecht - without too much conviction, that he will be able to Express themselves on a different level. What happened next - no need to explain. On Wednesday you saw it.

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