Ronaldo: Madrid inchas well-versed in football

Ronaldo: Madrid inchas well-versed in footballBrazil forward and Madrid "real" Ronaldo here for five months, playing in the first team of the Town bear and the strawberry tree. "Phenomenon" quite happy here and wants to accomplish with his club as much as possible of the pilgrimage to the "Plaza de Cibeles", he has told in interview to the Spanish newspaper "AS".- It has been 5 months, how do You play in Madrid. Are you happy?" Of course, Yes. From the very beginning of my arrival in Madrid I feel great. This applies to both the city and the coaching staff and the management of the club. The same can be said about his teammates.- But You've finally adapted to the Madrid?- Yes. I am fascinated by Madrid. Every day I am more familiar with the city and I think it is ideal for a person. In addition, the people here are very open and friendly. I am very glad that I live here.- And what do You like most in this city?- The opportunities that it offers. It is all here. In particular, I like the climate. This year in Europe was a very cold winter, but in Madrid it was warm.- And the least?- Street traffic. There are hours when it is simply impossible to use the machine. But that's life - nothing is perfect can not be.- How about clothes. You buy it a lot?- No, I'm not one of those who like to Tinker with clothes. In addition,the firm with which I have a contract, sends me all.- You doubt the fact that You will be in Madrid for many years?- No, of course. My goal is to work out a contract with real Madrid and stay there for years to come.- You often visit the cinema?- No, not often. I love to watch movies, but at home. What will make Ronaldo, when will hang up his boots?- Like all normal people, I will observe the Siesta, and in good weather to play Golf with his friends.- Talk a little bit about football. How do You assess your first months in Madrid?- As fiction. I'm still not fully adapted, but with each day I am feeling more confident and more understand the philosophy of the team.- There's a big difference compared with Barcelona and inter?- Yes. The "real" in the organizational plan everything very professionally. Everyone has the opportunity to just focus on their work, and it goes on crawling club.- You have grasped the greatness of the club?- Yes. One only has to pay a visit to the club Museum to understand what is real Madrid.- What is the best in this club?" His story.- As You Madrid Inada?- I say this quite sincerely, she is just gorgeous. Madrid inchas well-versed in football and love entertaining style of play.- What is your relationship with Florentino Perez?- Beautiful. We communicate very well with him. I'm not saying this to flatter you, just stating a fact and the truth.- And with Valdano?- The same can be said about Jorge.- How about Del Bosque?- Great relationships.- In short, in this command, You are happy...- you can't ask for more.- Who is Your best friend in the Madrid dressing room?- Flavio, but I have a wonderful relationship with all players.- Raul stated recently that adapt to Your game in the name of the team...- Raul is a great player, and I am very grateful to him for his support. The same can be said about yourself I adapt to the game my partners.- Is Zidane the best player in the world?- What a question! Of course - along with the other two from real Madrid.- This is the best Ronaldo, which you can see in the "Royal club"?- I hope not. Think I can still improve your game..

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