Vadim Evseev: Semin said that we will not be ashamed to look into the eyes of the fans

Vadim Evseev: Semin said that we will not be ashamed to look into the eyes of the fansAt the beginning of the match against real Madrid Vadim Evseev was seriously injured persons. But continued the game and, as usual, was one of the most caring on the field.- Happen game clash - explained after the match Evseev. - I hit my face on the head of Zidane and cut tissue in the area of the lips.- Deep?- Somewhere an inch. Stitches are not needed: outside covered with a plaster, and the inside is healed itself.- Twice you struck the head from close range. What prevented to score?- I saw the innings, but the trajectory of the flight of the ball was from me closed. He was out from behind the defenders, and decisions you had to make split second. For the first time hit from the ground and a little calculated, and in the second episode, well played goalie.- Ronaldo, sending the ball into the net, was between you and Mnguni...- Mnguni ran with him into the penalty area and up to a certain point controlled. But then suddenly let go of the Brazilian, and I, seeing that Ronaldo will strike without interference, rushed from his flank in the hope to stop him. Did not have time. Exactly the same story happened in scoring episode of the super Cup against CSKA: I was responsible for Yanovsky, but at the last moment had to rush to a free Jarosik...- What a feeling prevails - the disappointment of the result or satisfaction from the game?- The bitterness from the result. I think we "the real" completely outplayed. They have created a small moment and Ronaldo used it.- That said Semin after the match?- Thanked for good football and said that we should not be ashamed to look fans in the eye. Swapped with someone from Madrid shirts?- The therapist followed them into the locker room of real Madrid, but, in my opinion, the Spaniards refused. If so, we give them something annoy. I think you could come harder...- What conclusions did you draw from ended for the "Locomotive" of the Champions League?- Now we know what we really stand for, namely: can compete with teams at this level. Based on this, and we will prepare for the next tournament. Not only look down upon the qualification round. A little meeting on the beach in the League may not be.- Whether it was necessary to break through to the second stage to score only one point?- If three times in his field we lost, and every time the stadium was Packed and we vehemently supported, so worth it. Great teams came to Moscow. At least for this game was worth the candle. But the result was unacceptable: we need to act better. Facial injury does not hurt to go to a match with "Zenith"?- In any case. If normally able to play with the "real" and felt no pain, now God himself commanded.Igor RABINER.

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