Sergey Semak: 's passion

Sergey Semak: 's passionThis Saturday the football team of Russia have an important meeting the qualifying tournament Euro 2004 team of Albania. One of the leaders of the current national team Sergey Semak believes that gaming is a passion and struggle in every area of the pitch more than compensate for our players lack of game shape, and will help to overcome the opponent.? A great mood. I am very glad to meet with our guys, ? said Monday after arrival at mini-camp in Italy Semak. ? And doubly pleased that in our team there is no separation on the club facilities. See next sitting, talking Loskov, Solomatin, Kerzhakov ? in the League bitter rivals, and in the national team ? loyal comrades.? Meanwhile, some young players who have already played in the national team, returned to the youth team. It's a shame they don't temporary "reduction in grade"?? The fact of the matter is that it's not a demotion. After all, national and youth teams are not separated from one another, and constructed what is called the principle of communicating vessels. We even fly in the same plane, and it can't rally the guys.? In two rounds of the national championship you scored twice. The same number of goals scored in a home game against the Albanians. Does this mean that fans have come to expect from you a productive game in the near qualifying match?? Of course, I'll try hard not to disappoint them. But any footballer will tell you that his goals ? the result of the coherent interaction of the whole team. Today you were at the point of attack, and tomorrow, you put the shells ? everything is in order. Not so important, whose name popped up on the scoreboard, which account is listed there.? Albania is considered to be inconvenient team with drawling style of play. What there's an antidote?? I don't think Albanians will dig down to ten men at the gate. Still, they too have their goals for the tournament, ambition, national pride, finally. Wouldn't be surprised if we make a bid to score a quick goal. In a meeting with competitors like Albania, it can be crucial. If only because they will be revealed, and the team has a lot of great players who are able to use it.? Are there ahead of the match any factors that you, as one of the leaders of the team, is of concern?? On the side of the Albanians would be the fact that most of us are just drawn in a season. The winning recipe here can be only one ? 's passion and struggle in every area of the pitch.? How important is what the team before an important meeting arrived at the camp in Ancona?? No doubt, it will benefit us. See this gorgeous weather ? in such circumstances, to prepare for the match a pleasure. Plus guys long time no see and a few days spent shoulder to shoulder, can significantly add to the gaming understanding, which can not affect the final result.Roman Lanovenko.

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