Alexandra Panova fired Prokopenko

Alexandra Panova fired ProkopenkoIn the current season, his name was linked with three clubs. Two, he never came in third now trying to gain a foothold. Who a year ago would have thought that the hero of the battle of Saint-Denis 1999 Alexander Panov will not need Moscow "Dynamo" and Petersburg "Zenith"?? Why is white-blue has released you from the club as a free agent and ready to sell to any club without compensation? As your contract lasts for four years ? ask for me, the question Panov.? After the holidays I was told that the club is not going to comply with the terms of the contract, but in order to avoid any unnecessary problems, makes me a free agent. I didn't mind - not to make about this scandal! However, the club have not paid me for last season, and the money to give Dynamo I'm not going.? How do you even know that you no longer need to Dynamo?? I reported this not the President and not the head coach, and one of the employees of the club, which post I don't even know. But I personally think that the initiative came from the coach. However, resentment at Prokopenko does not hold.? After leaving Dynamo courted the "Zenit". But there you were-? The circumstances here are as follows: first I called the President "Zenith" Vitaly Mutko said that he wanted to get me back in the team. Moreover, he asked me to pack my things and come to Peter.? And how you reacted to it?? I reasonably asked, and whether there will be a place for me in "Zenith" given the fact that the team has a new head coach. Because the former did not talk to me, and not the fact that he needs me. Maybe we should talk to him first? But Mr Mutko assured me that he as President will solve this issue myself.? Why, then, return to the "Zenith" did not take place?? I do not know. Already here, in St. Petersburg, Mutko told me that I "Zenith" is not needed. At some point I had to take void. After all, the previous three weeks haven't been easy in my life and kept me in constant suspense.? How did you get in St. Petersburg Dynamo?? Representatives of the club themselves have found me in St. Petersburg, and was offered to go on a training camp in Turkey. Long time I didn't hesitate and agreed.? After Zenit, the Russian team, Dynamo Moscow, the transition to the first division club seems a step backwards, which can damage your image?? The image has nothing to do with. And then I always preferred to do business and not to sit idly by and wait for the sea weather. In addition to Dynamo, I was told that they need experienced players. Yes and exit to the Premier League with the St. Petersburg team would be good too.? You have no anger at "Zenit" and the desire to prove him wrong club?? Let him prove something understudies. I just want to do my job and live in peace. What to Zenit, there are now enough of the Czech players, who are valued more than their students. This means that the team has entered into some other era. But do not forget that aliens is the only salaried workers. Our time will come.Sergey Zimmerman.

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