Junior Chernyshova not the site for testing

Junior Chernyshova not the site for testingThree wins in three matches won in the current selection cycle, our "Junior" under the leadership of Andrey Chernyshov. On the turn - the fourth, in Albania, but the coach is not expecting an easy ride in tomorrow's meeting.Tomorrow the team Andrei Chernyshov will spend the fourth qualifying match in their group. Perhaps the game with the Albanians will be the most difficult of all. Up to this point the opponent has played two games after suffering their only defeat of the Russians. Then the minimum of the victory of our team achieved thanks to a crazy goal Volgograd Trifonova in added time. 90 minutes Albanians spent on the defensive, and not without success. Likewise evolved and their home match with the Swiss, and the home side the entire second half was played in the minority. What does this mean? Just about the skill of the players from the tiny country to be protected, which is important.It is already clear that the team Chernyshova to win you have to put a lot of effort, but most importantly ? find custom moves when you attack. The only way to confound defenders. And they already have someone to do it! Marat Izmailov in the last matches for Lokomotiv showing the game, similar to the one for which he was loved and acknowledged the fans. Dmitry Sychev without apparent effort and in a short time has won the hearts of the revolutionaries. Speed Andrei Arshavin in the last round showed how to open the impenetrable defense. In turn, our defenders in three games not conceded a single goal ? the best result in the group. So you can reasonably expect in Saturday's victory, which will bring us the maximum result ? twelve points out of twelve possible.So that it is possible to score maximum points in four matches, and agree Chernyshov.- Four days to prepare for the match good enough for you? - question the head coach.- Any coach wants more time to spend with your players before the match. The most important task for the coach is to bring the players to a common denominator. Some arrive in a good mood after victories, others are upset after the defeat, and the third one sitting on the bench.- What's the point to invite these players? For example, the first two rounds missed armeec Gogniev-- Spartak plays for the team, which contains almost all the best Russian players and strong players. Working with them in training, can only improve and sometimes look better than those who has a stable place in the composition and practice.- All, whom would you like to see at the gathering, were able to come?- Yes, and it pleases. Like the absence of injured players. In my opinion, the names of the current team is perhaps the strongest in this qualifying campaign. A few people had the main team and played in the world Cup.- They must have already staked their place in the "basis"-- Far from it. This approach won't achieve much, because our team is not the site for testing. Never in my coaching practice is not guided by the principle: earned the name - is "basis. Only enhanced classes in training to earn a place in the squad. Not a problem for me to bench a star. How to look at training players from this category - Sychev, Izmailov, Kusov?- They work along with the others, and demonstrate exemplary professional attitude. See, Sychev learned a lot in France, although in recent times a few times out on the field from the bench. I'm sure he will help us.- You have already decided on a tactical picture for the match?- To be honest, not until the end. Because my principle is to put the strongest of all, we need to see who among them will be. They can be both three forward and one. Hence the adjustment of tactics.- As you look at it that in every new game have to change five or six people?- This is the fate and the specificity of the national team. The main thing - is the Foundation of an equal number of players on whom we can rely.- Among flown to Italy to collect can meet new faces. The Shakhtar goalkeeper Alex Botvin'yev one of them.- When we started to invite players, it became clear that we have a problem with goalkeepers. For various reasons, are unable to come three candidates. Then I learned that in Donetsk there is a Russian goalkeeper. Immediately inquired about Botvinieva, watched the tapes of his participation. He made me a good impression. It is not excluded his appearance in the match against Albanians.- There is information that several players from the opponent's camp moved from their country in a respectable European clubs.- Yes, I know. And in which clubs! Paris Saint-Germain", "Lazio" for beautiful eyes, there do not take. This emphasizes the potential of Albanians. So we are prepared with complete seriousness - very much we do not want to be in the shoes of the Germans, who barely escaped from the Faroese. On one skill now does not go far.- That is, speech about big win is down?- How the rest of the match. But the primary task to take all three points, so the score is, say, 1:0 I was completely satisfied.Kusov waiting for a call to the youth team Before the match against Albanians in order Chernyshova have players who have been through school "big" football. Recently one of them, armeec Alan Kusov, debuted in the main team of the country, but now re-drafted under the banner of "youth".? It's a shame you don't have to be fifty miles from the best players in the country?? Nothing wrong with that, no offense. That's the team that got to her the most worthy. I knew that the call on the Cyprus "Tournament of four" was for me a kind of advance for the future. Mentally I was ready to be back in the youth team.? In the first match with Albanians you played 85 bezgolevyh minutes. Why failed to break the opponent's defense?? The fact of the matter is that we the players, not hackers. When you're standing wall, you have to step on the throat of his own song, acting not in the usual way.? It's like the same?? About free particularly in pas not play due to individual technique also will not pass. One beat, and you two rush. And so on without end.? And what to do in this case?? Be patient and wait for his chance.

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