Puyol - to be or not to be the operation

Puyol - to be or not to be the operationFor the defender of the Spanish "Barcelona" Carles Puyol, who has rightfully earned the honor to be called a charismatic figure for the Catalan club, the crucial moment has come. The situation around him are full of doubt and akin to hamlet: to be or not to be surgery. He has traveled to almost all of the experts who had recommended him. The player wants at any price to avoid surgery. Recall that Puyol got injured persons after a violent collision with his teammate Frank De the Drill during the loss in Porto will help the match against inter.It is worth noting that the medical staff "Barcelona" stands for the operation. This was given to understand Puyol doctor of Barcelona Ramon Dominguez. The doctor believes that surgery is the best option to get rid of a small fracture of the cranial bones near the right eye.The day before yesterday and yesterday Puyol also visited four specialists. Their views differ with the opinion Dominguez, however, until a final decision the player is not accepted. It is very important to today's examination, which, apparently, and will give the final answer about the feasibility of the operation..

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