Inter - Piacenza. After the match

Inter - Piacenza. After the matchHector Cooper:"In the first half was very difficult for us - Piacenza operated very well in midfield and cut off all the free zones. We could not properly provide balls for our strikers. Of course, also affected the psychological factor - it was hard for us after two defeats. It is not always possible to play fast football, sometimes you need to be able to wait when you make a mistake the enemy. I liked the fact that you guys got nervous in the second half.Recoba was unable to play tonight. His stomach hurts and he has a cold. I wasn't punishing him for the offense in the match with Barca, on the contrary, it is a punishment for the team because a player like Recoba can always be useful.This victory is very important. Now comes a very important week - first game with Barca, then See. The match in Turin will be very important, but not decisive.Dalma? I know he plays better in the centre. But the player should be able to adapt to the needs of the team. Today is Dalma turned out.I hope that soon some players will recover from injuries because we are now very difficult. But in any case, I believe in all my players out on the field".Christian Vieri:"I Want to say an important thing: It is absurd, when our tifosi catcall Dalma and morpheo. We are first in the League, and 3 days ago were the first in the Champions League. We are working tirelessly in training. We spent two years in the lead. And if someone made some mistakes in the transfer, it's not a reason to Boo. You should respect those who go to play. And then are surprised that at the end of the season the players want to go to another club. It is always difficult to score against teams like Piacenza at the San Siro, today it was hard for us, but we did it. And the whistle is a shame and absurdity. Even the players Piacenza told me "how can you Boo".I'm glad we won, and that Batistuta scored. When they scored the first goal, I didn't see that Maresca is on the lawn. And then, in the first half, they continued their attack, although Di Biagio was lying on the grass. Ahead of a very important week."Luigi Kania, coach Piacenza,"In the episode with the first goal Maresca was lying on the grass, and the inter players continued to play as if nothing had happened. I would place them would kick the ball into touch. In my opinion, inter today have experienced psychological problems, the team did not fulfill the coach's instructions. In my opinion, we did not deserve defeat - the team defended well and threatened the opponent's goal, inter had played only once гола"

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