Torpedo-Metallurg - Spartak. The analysis of the match

Torpedo-Metallurg - Spartak. The analysis of the matchSaturday afternoon, opening the 12th championship of Russia on football, presented to the fans only one "zero" result. Recorded he was in Moscow, in a match of two teams-mysteries - "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" and "Spartacus." However, the game itself is unlikely to disappoint fans of football.In this offseason I happened to be the last collection of "Spartacus" and witness several test matches involving red and white. And I can safely say that when the team Oleg Romantsev has produced a much more frustrating experience than last Saturday.The main thing - in the actions of the Spartacists have passion and passion sports. Although it looks understandable - the official matches not couple friendly. However, the meaningfulness of the game team is also clearly increased. The imbalance and misunderstanding, which sometimes had to see in the offseason, no longer. Sometimes the team managed a very good combination.Undoubtedly, new emotions and paints the game red-white added the long-awaited return in the order of their captain Yegor Titov. It is no coincidence that after his appearance on the pitch in the second half, Spartak began to dominate the field, even though some time due to the coarseness of Kovtun played in the minority. Egor, by the way, and balanced compositions. It is very difficult to understand the " torpedo Rekhviashvili, who with strange cruelty began the hunt for the captain of "Spartacus". It was a feeling that the Georgians seemed to have set out to immediately bring the opponent down. Anyway, he even argued with the judge Baskakova, who showed him a second yellow card.Impressed Spartak's Brazilian Robert, who came on in the second half. Aggressive, assertive, sporty insolent exactly a striker, by his own admission, wanted to see the team in this offseason Oleg Romantsev. Robert came to the capital just a day before the game, but even with the discount on adaptation and acclimatization showed a decent game. What's more surprising is unexpectedly vivid game Baranova, on which many have already managed to put a cross. In the first half, he was the driving force of his team's attacks. Although this Saturday's "Spartacus," let's face it, still not the one we are used to seeing.Some will add that and his opponent in this match was not very good. But those who have seen a live match on Saturday, with this, I am sure, will disagree. Of course, the team of Sergey Aleynikov is unlikely to be among the favorites of this championship. But the fact that it will certainly spoil his rivals a lot of blood, no doubt.In this match Metalurh lacked focus in the final third. Yes and Moroccan goalkeeper of "Spartacus" Bugs, which today they call it a Panther, a Cheetah, showed itself from the best side. As, however, and his counterpart Andrew Novosadov. By the way, the organizers of the meeting accepted the two players best players of the match. This can be completely agree. Not accidentally forward torpedo-the Metallurgist" Karen Ohanyan after the match noticed that if not for the guardians of the gates, the score could be 5:5.Fans of "Spartacus" and "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" left the stadium with cautious optimism. Both teams, in fact, new. And with time they will add in teamwork, it can leave a more vivid impression.Laboratories simultaneously with the opening of the season at the stadium (and the season officially starts when the team captains raise the Russian flag), defying the vigilance of the volunteers (and the order in the match this time provided they are), on the lawn appeared mongrel. Breaking Jogging players "bug" almost simultaneously with the first chords of sacred melodies lay thirty meters from Kovtun and Shustikov getting up at this time the Russian flag. Scared the dog only fireworks: crazed from flying sparks, the animal ran off and left the field.90 minutes 15 minutes. After the free kick and pass Baranova dangerous attempt Pavlenko - the ball goes just over the crossbar.18-I. LEONOV takes place on the flank and makes a pass in the penalty box to OHANYAN, but Bugs manages to hedge defenders.26th. Pavlyuchenko after the transfer Pavlenko misses from the favorable point - NOVOSADOV gets in the way of the ball.32. Baranov from the right wing gives a pass to Pavlyuchenko, who, pushing the body SHUSTIKOV, has almost from the penalty mark - NOVOSADOV foot manages to touch the ball.36-I. Pavluchenko throws NOVOSADOVA - flying the ball into the goal at the last moment knocks SHUSTIKOV.53-I. After a failed attempt to create an artificial torpedo offside Pavlyuchenko and Robert come together on the Keeper, but the Brazilian on the edge of the penalty area suddenly has ? NOVOSADOV jump parries the blow.60-I. Titov comes for replacement. In the first episode with his participation the torpedo REKHVIASHVILI fouls and gets booked.63-I. Kovtun, performing a sliding tackle, rigidly behind a two-foot drives into KAZAKOV - the referee without hesitation removes a player from the field.69-I. Second collision Titova REKHVIASHVILI and ends with the destruction of the latter.76-I. Ohanyan his head from the corner of the goalie without resistance hit the target.80-I. After the transfer Pavlyuchenko Titov goes one on one with NOVOSADOVA, but SHUSTIKOV in the subcategory covers a shot.86. Pavlyuchenko at an angle to goal goes one on one with NOVOSADOVA and throw the goal, but he has time to react to a strike.90-I. LEONOV makes a pass down the right flank and cutting off the angle in the penalty area, beat - Bugs saves "Spartak".Statisticsfree-Metallurgist - Spartak 0:torpedo-Metallurgist: Novosadov 6,5; Rekhviashvili 5,0; Khlestov 5,5; rizvic 6,0; Cossacks 6,5; shoustikov-6.5; Leonov 6,0; Kovalev 5,5; Monari 6,0 (Nikitin, 74 b/o); Wallerstedt 5,5 (Katic, 77 b/o); Ohanyan 6,0 (Komadina, 85 b/o)Spartacus: Bugs 6,5; Kovtun-5,0; Kebe 6,5; Baranov 6,0 (Titov, 60 6,0); Demenko 5,5; Mitreski 6,0 (Vashchuk, 74 b/o); Smirnov 6,0; Kalinichenko 6,0; Pavlenko 6,0; daniszewski 5,0 (Robert, 46 6,0); Pavlyuchenko 6,015 March. Moscow. The stadium "torpedo" them. E. Streltsova. Cloudy. 5 degrees.

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