Ten revelations Vadim Nikonov

Ten revelations Vadim NikonovThe 2nd round. Torpedo-ZIL - torpedo - 2:1 - To win all the hand made. More precisely, leg. And most importantly - the head.3rd round. Anji - torpedo-ZIL - 0:0 - President of our club once said, "Write one for you". I wrote: "Figo, Zidane, Owen..." He appreciated my humor...18th round. Uralan - torpedo-ZIL - 1:0(About the removal of D. N. Smirnov.) "Act Smirnova does not climb in any gate. He nearly ripped the arm Avakov. Or that it he tore? This in a nightmare not dream".19-round. Torpedo-ZIL - Saturn - 0:0 - Between us, boys, saying, a draw against a strong opponent always been considered a step forward.25th round. Torpedo - torpedo-ZIL - 2:1(First reaction to the question about how hard the game Avtozavodsky players.) "What, spit a want?!"25th round. Torpedo - torpedo-ZIL - 2:1 - If you are virtually in a different way, perhaps, otherwise would have played.25th round. Torpedo - torpedo-ZIL - 2:1(About the chances of survival.) "We need to beat the teams we are competing. It would, of course, and "the locomotive" to disturb, but, you know, bitches need to chop..."Matchday 27. Lokomotiv - torpedo-ZIL - 3:0(On the situation in the team.) "We have, like in a bad economy: the chicken is dead, then the barn burned down".27-round. Lokomotiv - torpedo-ZIL - 3:0(absent Sergey Shustikov.) "He is sick and on life and football".30 round. Torpedo-ZIL - Rostselmash - 2:0(About the future prospects of the team.) "Willing to work on - but not like this season. Long silence, but in football you don't work. At our school one field, cinders, on which I'm still in the 59th year started..."".

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