Dinamo - Anji. Test match

Dinamo - Anji. Test matchA leading player in Dynamo Ognjen Koroman brought his club minimal victory over heavily entrenched in the current season of "Wings of the Soviets".Undoubtedly test match between capital Dynamo and "Wings" has become Central over the past week in preparing our teams for launch in less than a month to the championship of the Premier League. Interestingly, both teams in the second round on March 22, will compete in the official game.Coach Samartsev compared to the previous game made only one change in the starting lineup came out ex-Dynamo player Petr Nemov, which took place on the right brow. The blue and white is also changed. Viktor Prokopenko decided to try in the centre of defence of the Czech Brabec is Bataka. Interestingly, one of the leaders of the Muscovites Koroman again left in stock, because the first three matches he will be forced to miss due to suspension. The first dangerous moment has arisen at gate of Karcemarskas already at the forty-third second, but the goalkeeper clearly coped with the dangerous Brazilian Souza. In response, the blue and white held a dynamic move, which in the end shed Chesnauskisa closed Bulykin. By. The next dangerous moment again created a Dynamo - Tochilin Paz contrary brought to the gate Bulykin, but the striker stumbled a bit, which allowed ex-Spartak Bushmanov catch up with him and knock down.In General, it is worth noting an interesting football from both sides. The team tried not to sit on the defensive, and tried to build on the field, good performers enough. Interesting move from a tactical point of view in the middle of the first half did Prokopenko. He replaced several inert dyomkina letting the defender Kovalenko, strengthened the middle line, moving there Tochilin. In many respects these changes helped the blue and white to seize the advantage.Time and again, both teams could tip the scales in their favor, but too well this evening goalkeepers. But still "dry" was destined to remain only Karcemarskas. In the 69th minute Chichkin could do nothing after the treacherous attack of Corumana into the near corner. Of course, Muscovites after this episode moved a bit back and tried to keep the winning score. They eventually succeeded.Dynamo (Moscow) - Krylya Sovetov (Samara) - 1:0 (0:0)Goal: Koroman (Alberto), 69."Dynamo: KarДЌemarskas, Tanasijevic, Haneke, Brabec (Pascal Mendy, 46), Tochilin, Vukomanovic (Baltiyev, 46), Demkin (Kovalenko, 24), ДЊesnauskis (Koroman, 46), Grishin (Halachev, 74), Bulykin (Lutsenko, 84), Alberto (Khazov, 74)."Wings Of The Soviets": Chichkin, Lilo (Med, 63), Ovie, Bushmanov (Wright 46), Leyton (Munez, 46), Tikhonov (Kudryashov, 63), Kovba (Bulatov, 69), Karyaka, Nemov, Sousa (Gaucho, 71), Poshkus (Vinogradov, 63).Punishment: Bushmanov, 28 - foul play, Tanasijevic, 35 - foul play, Bulykin, 42 - foul play, Koroman, 51 - undisciplined behavior, Vinogradov, 82 - foul play - warnings. In the 84th minute deleted Bulykin (2nd W.to., with the right replacement).Alexander Boyarsky.

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