Roma - Valencia: match report

Roma - Valencia: match reportOne of the matches of the second group round of the Champions League took place on Rome, where the capital "Roma" was adopted at the Stadio Olimpico last year's champion Spain - Valencia. Both teams started the second stage of group tournament not too well and wanted to be in some sense correct.Later, 4 minutes after the starting whistle Lima struck his head on goal, but the past. Some time later the gate of the beat Canizares already Montella, after Cafu free kick. But the striker Romans were not luckier Lima. The visitors first shot on goal of the hosts then struck on the 27th minute of the match. Rufete received the ball from Vicente and kissed him with her right foot, but the ball went wide. In General, these minutes marked, oddly enough, the territorial advantage for the guests. As for the hosts, they have a very active Montella was.The next dangerous moment occurred in the 29th minute. Cafu, who as always plied the right-hand curb, hung on Delicio. The latter made a header, but the ball was above, barely touching the crossbar. Thus, the first half did not produce results and high school football fans were looking forward to the second half of the game, to finally wait for their favorites from that for which they came to the stadium.In the second half pattern of the game remained unchanged. Team anything original to each other could not offer. However, sometimes Valencia have been seen glimpses of the creative game, but they eventually choked in tactical web Capello. Especially hard was held Pablo Aymar. The Argentine chased on the heels, not letting even one meter of free space. The game was becoming more and more stringent, and more like real football.Somewhere in 70 minutes, and was designated the advantage of the Romans, and wards Benitez was not possible to exchange and three passes. However, at the same time, with the appearance on the field Misto, game club "Che" has become more mobile. As a consequence, in the 78th minute the ball went in the net. Goal scored by John Carew, though not without blunders Pelizzoli. After scoring the goal, together they stepped back, concentrating all its strength on defense and not giving Roma a single chance to even the score.Thus, in group B the struggle became more acute, as the Spaniards are equal on points with Arsenal and РђСЏРєСЃРѕРј"

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