Manchester United shares his experience with the Zenith

Manchester United shares his experience with the ZenithIn St. Petersburg came the Director of the youth Academy for English football club "Manchester United" Dave Ryan. The main task of the Ryan - to prepare the visit of specialists of the Academy for the purpose of carrying on the banks of the Neva workshops for the St. Petersburg children's and youth teams 8-16 years with both professional and Amateur. By arrangement with the organizer of the week Manchester to St. Petersburg Martin Leaver of FC "Zenit" had to show all objects, where you can hold this master class. Assistant to club President Peter crackles and Manager for international relations Leonid Ganusov showed Dave Ryan stadium "Petrovsky", base "Zenith" and the sports complex of the school "Change". Academy Director at Manchester United was very touched by the warm reception, the official website of "Zenith".The master class will be held in the city during the period from 29 June to 6 July. Here come four coaches from the Academy at Manchester United. Just for the Petersburg boys will be held 12 sessions. The event is timed to the week of Manchester in St. Petersburg and is the gift of our beautiful town to the 300 anniversary..

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