Sychev talks to journalists obscenely

Sychev talks to journalists obscenelyNext issue of the famous French weekly France Football published a photo of Dmitry Sychev on the cover, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The subtitle reads: "a New youth Marseille. Russian miracle - Sychev - asked the game "Olympic" such a frantic pace that confront him can only Monaco. The article received the title "Sychev at full speed". In it the players just crumble in praise of the Russian striker, telling what a wonderful personality differs Dmitry. It turned out that in the first days of stay Sychev in Marseilles his new fellows on the team decided to throw the guy a traditional test. After lunch the whole "Olympic" surrounded Sychev and demanded that he... sang. "In its place, many were hiding under the table, just to avoid the shame," recalls midfielder "OM" Salomon olembe played for Kayserispor. But not Bob, he's not trying to sneak, and quietly sang a beautiful Russian song. We just looked at each other: the guy had just appeared, and as safely holds on.". Coach of Olympique de Marseille Alain Perrin stated that he relied on football only next season, but he immediately proved himself worthy of a place in the first team. "He adds a breakneck pace and has won several months. For themselves and for us. Thanks to the intelligence and mental alertness Dmitry instantly became part of the team. Possibly from two French words he understands one thing. But it was not the case, so I told him to go left while he went right. I don't want him too to rein in his power of spontaneity," said Perrin. The only drawback Dmitry, according to France Football, the tendency to use in interviews with French journalists of Russian idiomatic expressions. Sychev, which in France recently, often, seemingly by accident, goes in conversation with journalists on the Russian language. It turned out that he's not just trying to find the right word in French, but Russian is colorfully explains to journalists the lack of meaning in their questions..

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