Rinat Dasaev. Ovchinnikov and all other

Rinat Dasaev. Ovchinnikov and all otherI would not want to offend the modern domestic goalies, but in our time the class goalkeepers was far higher. The country was huge, there was a selection, and tremendous competition. Therefore, fought their way to the top really are the best. Luminaries! And now... From goalies competing in the championship of Russia, on the basis of the Union club of the higher League, I think, could claim is that Sergei Ovchinnikov.However, decreased level of not only our goalie school. In my opinion, now the goalkeepers generally weaker than before. In my years of world stars among them was missing - and Zoff, and Schumacher, and Pfaff, and Prudom, and Taffarel. Now in one row with them you can put only Cana Yes partly newly-minted world champion Brazilian Marcus... what is the reason? Probably with the fact that football was different. Power and more defensive.Alas, the distinctive feature of the Russian keepers of the new generation - the lack of stability. From them you never know what to expect. Today look incredible, and tomorrow their reliability as the wind blew. For the goalkeeper, this is unacceptable! What is the reason? Primarily in psychological imbalance.And yet, when I returned home in 1998 from Spain, where I lived for almost ten years, was surprised to find that our goalkeepers have forgotten how to play at the outputs. This is their Achilles heel. On the crosses into the box they are afraid to leave their gate! Even Ovchinnikov in this sense, vices. What can we say about others... that had never happened Before. In "Spartacus" and national team Beskov with lobanovskyi constantly demanded from us, goalies fight on the "second floor".Frankly, it is ironic though, because the goalkeeper training in Russia now pays much more attention. Almost every self-respecting club goalkeepers now have personal trainers. We have something about this and could not dream!From the very beginning of the Russian Premier League I especially like the way the game is Ovchinnikova. He radiates calm and astonishing self-confidence, which, in turn, is transmitted to the defenders and the whole team. For partners his word is law. The goalkeeper must be a leader - then it will be respected. Today Ovchinnikov, again, close to none.Of course talented] beautifully played in the battle for the super bowl. But one match is not the whole season. Chizhov? For Saturn he may be good, but the team obviously does not hold. Sorry Sasha Filimonov. Data excellent, and if not for this ill-fated goal Shevchenko... He broke Filimonov psychologically. Despite the fact that Romantsev continued to trust him then, the goalkeeper has not found himself.To climb to the top is difficult. It's harder to do this when there already once visited...However, given the current problems of "Spartacus" on the last turn, Filimonov, I think the Liturgy is not spoiled. For Spartak, frankly, insulting. How many years has the home club is suffering in search of a great goalkeeper! But instead of raising his young boyfriend, the team dumped players from God knows where. Now here from Africa goalkeeper took. Sad.What actually is a Moroccan Bugs on the game with "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" to judge, of course, difficult. Let's see how he will manifest himself in matches with bigger opponents.I am convinced that our coaches have more trust in the young goalkeepers. And to forgive them for mistakes. How did the same Beeskow - including me. It inspires and eventually allowed to play. Talents, no doubt, in Russia are not extinct. Just need to be able to help them in time to open up..

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