Berezovsky defended the victory of Dinamo

Berezovsky defended the victory of Dinamo"You have to be patient. Because the team is just being formed. From last year's squad today, only 4 people were playing, so to celebrate, tried to comfort Vladikavkaz journalists the head coach of "Dynamo" Victor Prokopenko, whose team won in Vladikavkaz is very important from a psychological point of view the victory. However, in the ranks of Dynamo were many debutants: Tarasevich, Batak, Haneke, Alberto, - all of them for the first time wearing blue and white t-shirts. And looking ahead, we note that their debut Prokopenko in General were satisfied. However, perhaps the most high-profile acquisition Dynamo - Brazilian Alberto in Vladikavkaz was in the shade. Yes, indeed, the entire Moscow team in the first half, looked pale. The first half of the meeting was for the hosts. Even though they were not so actively as we would like many fans, for the winter months longing for football, but by the number of created chances clearly outclassed opponent. Use them, "Spartak-Alania" before the break could make for a guaranteed victory. But on this day the team dzodzuashvili limped realization of scoring episodes. So, for example, already in the 8th minute beginner "Spartak-Alania" successful decision provided an excellent chance to be celebrated in the first match, but, going one on one with the Keeper, he blundered. Then, on 29 minutes, already in the neighborhood at the place of the left flank jumped out to face-to-face meeting with Berezovsky. The midfielder took over in the dugout were able to send the ball into the far corner, but for some reason went to the rapprochement with the goalkeeper tried to punch him. 't work. After that, he rolled the ball to the successful decision, whose shot from five yards took Batak. This episode strongly urged Muscovites, who immediately undertook retaliatory counterattack. At first, his flank the passage was trying to complete ДЌesnauskis, who hit Gabulov reflected. And then Dynamo captain Tochilin shot over the crossbar. And yet Tochilin can be called one of the heroes of the meeting. It on 48 minutes they did verified riding gear to the corner of the goalie, which effectively locked Bulykin. Once in the lead, Dynamo began to act with confidence. Completely dominating the field in the second half, it allowed only once "Spartak-Alania" to create scoring chances. Once again in the spotlight was lauded dzodzuashvili a successful decision and once again he ruined clean out one by one. After that, the team has preferred to not let the opponent to their goal. They themselves were frequent guests in the realm Gabulov, who worked tirelessly. He repeatedly rescued his partner from the stinging blows of the Muscovites. But in the 74th minute, Junior goalkeeper pulled out, seemingly dead ball : Grishin hit with a penalty center through the palisade feet. Upshot of the match almost came on the 90th minute when the judge Sukhina, to everyone's surprise, all of a sudden pointed to the spot in the penalty of "Dynamo". As it turned out, in the heat of battle Batak nearly blew the head striker owners Stoeva. However "Spartak-Alania" has not used the gift. It seems that Elvetia missed a penalty kick with confidence, just in the corner. But Berezovsky guessed the direction of the ball and parried it, thereby becoming the hero of the match. Goal: Bulykin, 49 Blagonadezhdin, 53, PAGEV, 80 - Ganek, 43, Batak, 84 on March 16. Vladikavkaz. The Stadium "Spartak" Gabulov, Rivelin, (Stoev, 62), A Linear, PAGEV, Wanderlei, Blagonadezhdin, (Guliyev, 58), Menteshashvili, Yevich, (Stepanov, 75), Bazaev, A Successful Decision, Elvetia Dynamo: Berezovsky, Tanasijevic, Ganek, Batak, Kovalenko, ДЊesnauskis, Tochilin, Vukomanovic (Baltiyev, 87), Grishin, Bulykin, Alberto, (Demkin, 74) Sukhina (Malahovka).

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