The super bowl in 2003. Pros? Yes. Cons? Yes

The super bowl in 2003. Pros? Yes. Cons? YesNever understood sports every sense super bowls. What do they reveal? Seek to clarify the question about the strongest club of the country or continent? So the answer is obvious: it is the national champion or the winner of the tournament of Champions. A good Cup unpredictability, it's a chance for smaller clubs to stand out due to the concentration of the effort, often with attracting good luck. But the winner of the short tournament is not considered Yes not considered absolutely the best. Meanwhile, the super bowl creates the illusion of equality with the champion.At the European level, this illusion becomes truly absurd. First one of the contenders for the super bowl was the winner of the Cup winners ' Cup tournament, which was eventually abolished in view of the participation in it is not the strongest of teams. On the contrary, the tournament of Champions has turned into the League, which then expanded and started a multi-stage, which almost eliminates randomness. Now the winner of the super Cup of Europe argues, the owner of the UEFA Cup, which may shed good, but the waste from the League. The match between them now only looks spectacular commercial application to draw to real Madrid.At the national level nearly ubiquitous devaluation Cup tournaments. "Spartak" during the Russian reign, frankly, didn't get involved in them from the skin out, and without much regret their left. And in France in the last two years the Cup was won by RC Strasbourg and Lorient, at the end of the season falls in the second division. In 2000, the final was played "Calais", the club's fourth division. And lost, among other things, "Nantes" due to a dubious penalty in the 90th minute. Imagine what he would have won, and then - you never know - would be defeated in the super Cup, which in France is called the Champions Trophy, Monaco. In a single-match, anything can happen. This would mean that Kale is the strongest club in the country then world Champions? Absurd!If in England or Italy super deep roots that draws people into the stands, then in France - and I quote the example of this country - tournament special traditions do not. It was conducted in the period from 1955 to 1973 with the omission of two seasons, then was resumed in 1985 - 1986, abandoned again and in the end again revived in 1995, although the following year, again took leave. In recent matches for the Champions Trophy was held in various cities (Brest, Beziers, Tours, Amiens, Valenciennes, Strasbourg and Cannes) and were timed to various developments: in Amiens, for example, opened a new stadium, and in Cannes celebrated the centenary of the local club. Much enthusiasm among the fans of these games did not cause. Last year in Cannes gathered five thousand spectators.Saturday's audience in the stands of the "Locomotive" was at least twice as much. She talks primarily about what the fans of CSKA, not without reason, giving the season of great expectations, miss your favorite team. If the army and not the railroaders defeated in the fall in the gold match, tribunes "Olympic" in the CIS Cup, too, would be more or less filled. But if the national Cup last season, won the non-Moscow team, I'm afraid, on international women's day in Cherkizovo with the audience would be quite meager.Anyway, there was a reason for the meeting of the two leading at the end of last season teams, the rivals for the gold match, which will surely continue the dispute at a high level in the coming season. And it turned out spectacular dramatic spectacle, a battle in which nobody wanted to concede.Pre-match opinions boiled down to the fact that victory need more revanchist configured CSKA, because, they say, and the odds of that club is better. There were rumors that "the locomotive" it will put the reserve team, or going to rest a number of players. It seemed reasonable, given the heavy schedule of the team in March. Yes and was it worth, it seemed, before a trip to Dortmund and the start of the championship to run the risk of injuries and a fourth consecutive defeat - this series cannot fail to affect the psychological state of the players. But both teams took to the field in the first teams. They are obliged to ensure prior agreement with the Premier League. And rightly so: if we are to make such matches, only provided that you approach them all will be quite serious. The more that is at stake is a fair amount to 60 thousand dollars (90 thousand was awarded to the winner, 30 thousand - losers). And the double "Locomotive" football fans are already familiar during the Commonwealth Cup, which has contributed to the distortion of his ideas.Will the Russian super Cup, the prestige, time will tell. In track record and can win in the same Commonwealth Cup record, but in many, they cause skepticism. For more commercial touch to the portrait of a one-game tournament, I think, very appropriate. Although players of "Locomotive" sincerely rejoiced in the victory, of course, not for the money. Let the outcome was decided by a penalty shoot-out, red-green once again proved too tough CSKA. It is a victory over a strong and principled opponent, important for the further affirmation of the railway club. But if she would be Pyrrhic? On one side of the scale is 120 minutes of hard struggle and hassle with a penalty shot, and another succeed, which tend to heal the wounds and relieve fatigue.Alexander GLEAMS.

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