Florentino Perez is configured in a philosophical mood

Florentino Perez is configured in a philosophical moodThe President of real Madrid Florentino Perez said the other day that all doubts about whether Ronaldo to integrate into the team, were unfounded. He recalled that in his time the same way doubted Figo and Zidane."This always happens. However, time puts everything in its place. Ronaldo quite fit into the team and justify the hope INADI their goals," said Florentino.At the same time Perez stated that the task before the team stand still, which means victory in the national championship and the Champions League."We with all seriousness treat all leaders of the championship. Also I'm not discounting Barcelona, as the front of the second circle and the "blue garnet", I am sure, will fight for the highest places," he added..

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