Michael Elvetia: More penalties won't hurt

Michael Elvetia: More penalties won't hurt- Worried?- Even as... Beat on the power, it seems, did everything right, but Berezovsky guessed my intentions and jumped exactly where the ball flew.- The goalkeeper of Muscovites said that in this episode he got lucky and you didn't. Agree?- Now we can interpret what happened. But the fact remains: I didn't score, although it was obliged to score, but their goalkeeper saved the team. Berezovsky generally perfectly did the match. In the first half when we dominated and had chances to score, he was always on the way of the ball.- Not to score from the penalty spot just before the final whistle, apparently, is doubly offensive?- Not even a double triple. Especially at least point we in this match deserved.- Your friend Georgi Demetradze once told me that when a penalty advantage before beating the goalkeeper to a percentage equal to 97: 3. Agree?- I think so too. And the blame for the defeat, of course, are not removed. But the recognized penalty kicker Demetradze, has happened, is also not scored. However, when given another opportunity, quietly came to the spot and hit the target.- And next time you will do?" No. At least in the near future do not do.Sergey KAPUSTIN.

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