Andrey Tikhonov: So not worried seven years

Andrey Tikhonov: So not worried seven yearsAleksandr Tarkhanov got rid of anxious waiting jubilee goal of all of us, and most importantly the Tikhonov. Cost the coach to replace the regular of his team's penalty kicker Andrew Karaku as the arbitrator of a match "wings of the Soviets" - "the Rotor" Sergei Martynov showed on the 11-meter mark.Know how difficult it is sometimes given remarkable goals. Even Pele before he scored his thousandth goal, too, by the way, from the spot - on a few games outta sight.- Of course, I thought about what happens 100th goal, " said Tikhonov. "But as in "Wings of the Soviets" do not differ in effectiveness, we never thought it would happen so quickly. However, by and large I don't care who's going to score, if the team wins. Suppose I have two goals will remain if the "Wings" will continue to win, that I am not upset.- And yet: was a difficult anniversary goal?- Yes. While preparing to strike, was very nervous. This was not long ago - that was so nervous in front of the penalty spot. Similar condition not tested, probably seven years. By the way, in those days, I often didn't score spot.- One day, when you played for Spartak, it happened in Samara. Remember?- Yes, then before the match with "Wings" has not scored in the last second "the locomotive" - and I started to feel insecure, which is then followed me the entire year.- Can we assume that this time the effect will be reversed?- I would like to hope so. This start gives not so much energy, so much confidence.- Do not experience mild annoyance from the fact that jubilee it's a penalty, in addition rivals for a long time and persistently challenged?- Didn't see what was there. But the guys said arm. Absolutely.- When the referee awarded a penalty, full-time penalty kicker "Wings" Andrey Caraco already replaced. Have you had any doubts: whether to beat?- In the absence of Karachi I beat the penalty spot in training camp - at the gate of the Danish team. Perhaps the captain should take responsibility in such moments myself. Moreover, it was a decisive moment in the match.- Just said and the trainer "the Rotor" Vladimir Faizulin: the second goal was a turning point... and it was." To be honest, "Rotor" I liked it. Maybe the result is not even on the game - the opponents were also good moments. But today we couldn't win after all, how many fans came, what holiday was at the stadium!Arnold EPSTEIN.

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