Arsenal has advocated the abolition of replays

Arsenal has advocated the abolition of replaysStanding at the head of Arsenal's David, Dane and Arsene Wenger turned to the English football Association with a proposal to cancel the replay of the Cup games. After the draw against Chelsea, the gunners are now forced to play the second match, as does not fit into the schedule of matches of the club. With uchtom games in the Champions League and matches of national teams, some players of "Arsenal" printsa to spend 5 matches in 13 days. "I understand that our proposal is not neidt response from "small" clubs," said Wenger. "Because for them, every game against the giants nest great financial benefits. However, we believe that it is more expedient to carry out in a penalty shoot than to play the next day. New rules you can enter now, despite the fact that the FA Cup has passed the stage of the fifth circle."".

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