Adrenaline team

Adrenaline teamThe lineup, announced by ed for the match with Albania, not simply calls a routine in such cases, the curiosity. He's more like a visual aid, it helps to understand what it is ? team Gazzaev.It is now clear: Valery Georgievich comes to team building in a completely new way, in their own way, guided by the motto "the Adrenaline ? our 12th player". Remember to contrast the practice of recent years, when the touching words: "it feels Great to have been capped! Talked with the guys warmed up the soul after neskladuha in the club" ? could belong to almost every third out of the main team. Today is not national team charges the players, and the players ? team. Feel the difference.Valery Carpino, the master is more than worthy, "adrenaline" team today, not a good idea. He plays in "real Sociedad" on a different level, and the team plays in the Liga, we can say, at the level of the feat: well, what is there to add, what a fantastic match to flare up again? However, when we fall solemnly conduct of the team's most ambitious among Russian foreigners, you see, the light and will sparkle again ? "The phenomenon Onopko" for the team Gazzaev is also remarkable.Valery Georgievich neither give nor take ? caring doctor, and then checking the pulse and pressure of the team. The main team and the youth now ? constantly communicating vessels, not giving blood to stagnate. Someone will say: ducted Sychev with Izmailov in the youth team ? kind of like a demotion, almost link. But here I am, on the contrary, I think that this is only the strict adherence to the chosen course of prevention and rehabilitation of the main team.What's nice working with the team Gazzaev, apparently, very interesting. He is in full command, and writes her game. Now here's the Petrograd Konoplev hit us on the brain, requiring the habit of certainty and clarity, like March melted the icicle. Who is it, hemp?! Let, let Gazzaev invents itself ? Karyaka with Adoniram fall also seemed a candidates adventurous. Even such a trifle as the red team on happiness, the coach did not forget to observe ? there you are, Tochilin.February's tournament in Cyprus in addition to the control functions (however, the test players and games will of circumstances turned out to be inconsistent) gave Gazzaev to feel the danger of stagnation. Too many "foreigners" had to produce on the field in the first match with Cyprus, and immediately flashed the moves from the very "soul" of the game, which I have mentioned. And Albania, I tell you, not Cyprus. Command viscous, able, holding the ball too long, exhausting the opponent's soul, as it famously did during the discharge of Yerevan "Ararat" Baku "Neftchi" in home matches of the championship of the Union. Albania will need what is called, strongly moderatelly Tsybanev.

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