Valeriy Gazzaev: the aim for the season was discussed. And so it is clear

Valeriy Gazzaev: the aim for the season was discussed. And so it is clearWith the goal for last season, which was his debut with CSKA Valery Gazzayev has handled more than successful by creating a command with the go nominated for leading roles in the Russian championship. Now it is time to move on.- The results of last year's performance suggests that goal other than to win the national championship, to stand in front of us can not, - said the head coach of CSKA. For two months of pre-season preparations this issue in our team was not even discussed.- Meanwhile, CSKA have now a very young team. No worries that her elementary may not be enough experience?- A year ago these players were younger, but it has not prevented to solve for the season the goal is to win more victories and score the most goals. And since in any case it is necessary to progress, we simply must raise the bar.- Many experts believe that the fight for the title, like last year, will be between "the Locomotive" and CSKA, and interfere with it, nobody else will. Agree?- Wouldn't say so categorically because in a long tournament, any possible surprises. In my opinion, another four or five teams, well komplektovatsya in the offseason, can also play well. I think it will be a very interesting championship.- The week ahead will be a match for the Supercup of Russia. I would like to know your attitude towards it.- It is certainly the most positive. Just such a match and must precede the national championship. Fans have been waiting for the opening of the season, and in his first match of the best teams in the country. For the promotion of football in Russia, I think, found a very good solution.- The season is completed. How would you rate?- Normally. Dates and locations of training camps and sparring partners were selected in such a way as to obtain detailed information about each player. It is a pity that because of injuries, was not involved in the friendlies Semak. Now he is healthy and on par with all the main group. Functionally, I think Sergei is ready good match practice but he, alas, is not enough.- In training camp you've tried a lot of different options, using players at certain positions. Surprise, for example, was the transfer Evsikova the place of the Libero in the Dutch matches. Why?- During the season, it happens to any player depending on the situation it is necessary to speak in different positions. I think that in modern football, the defender should be able to play anywhere in defence, as the midfielder is in the middle line. Not important - on the edge or in the center. Taking into account tendencies of development of football universalization of players is becoming increasingly important.- Very young Akinfeev, Samodin and Heinrich was able to quickly fit into the team. Will you trust them?- They still have a lot of work to grow into great players. But the talent and skill of these players is not in doubt. The simple fact that they were invited to a club like CSKA, speaks volumes.- After parting with Nigmatullin from the army waited for the acquisition of another goalkeeper. Why has it not happened?- In my opinion, the line is equipped. A], Kramarenko and Akinfeev is good goalkeepers.- What caused the breakup after the Cyprus collection with Varlamov?- He needs match practice, which in CSKA at the moment he get's as you can. It was therefore decided to give Varlamov in rent. If his play he proves that he is able to benefit our team will get him back.- With particular interest, is expected to debut in CSKA of Jarosik...- ...have No doubt that he will help us very much. I am glad that Jiri was able to safely pass is usually a difficult process of adaptation to a new team. For work at the training camp for him and have no complaints.- You consciously wanted to create in the midfield the most serious competition?- Yes. The explanation is simple: we have a long and very difficult season, which should pass without disruption. I think we will give everyone a chance to play.- In the summer of CSKA will attempt to win a place in the main tournament of the Champions League. Do you plan in this regard to strengthen in the period of application?- It is not excluded that we will strengthen one or two positions.- Do you intend in connection with the release into the international arena to ask about the transfer of some of the matches of the championship of Russia?- No. I have already said that in the past calendar year because of this has become a joke. Favors to anyone to do. Please note: in all European countries respect the championship and do not allow such things. The most that can be done is to move the game forward a day or back. If the Premier League will once again go on about those who ask for transfers, and ruin the internal calendar, it will show weakness and incompetence.Maxim KWIATKOWSKI.

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