Levitsky sold without his knowledge

Levitsky sold without his knowledgeIn his time at the Ukrainian Maxim Levitsky Moscow "Spartak" has spent a lot of effort - moral, physical, financial. Achieved his goal. And, really frustrated goalie French Saint-Etienne", was in the capital of Russia.And soon became the main goalkeeper of "red and white", the champion of Russia, one of the most impenetrable goalkeepers of the championship. So talk about a possible change of the team looked, to put it mildly, rumors. Moreover, Maxim said: at least until the summer will remain at Spartak. After a few days Ukrainian goalkeeper was in Novorossiysk "Chernomorets"...- Maxim, how? You promised... As it turned out, I think, better to ask the club's management. I had a conversation with Romantseva, Oleg Ivanovich assured that counting on me. But apparently, the President and Vice-President of the Moscow club had an opinion on this. In the end, I have put before the fact: are you leaving from "Spartaka" in "Chernomorets". And I learned about it not from Muscovites. He called it the Novorossiysk: "Like, transfer all your documents are already on the President's Desk, "Chernomorets". Naturally, such attitude to endure I was not going. The proposed Novorossiysk conditions suit me and I left in this team. - You can tell from "Spartacus" they sent you the guide, not the head coach? Not only possible, but necessary so to speak... what are your feelings left Spartak and went to Novorossiysk?- I have travelled to the moon, not on Mars flew. Came to town that I know of. If I remember, at one time, I got everything turned out. From this command, I entered the national team of Ukraine, and later in "Saint-Etienne". Therefore, the "return" was not difficult. Most of the guys played three years ago, problems with adaptation in the team arose.Spartak were saying goodbye is not easy, with mixed feelings. Dole I said, "Part of my soul remains in this team. I wanted to play in it." Sorry, not from me and not from him it depended. Romantsev said, "I also wanted you to stay in our team"....Look, Vova, Beschastnyh there was a similar story. All the guys saw a TV show in which Romantsev said that the question of the sale of Beschastnyh was not a football player and head coach. Decided people, now owns the team. So, about my transition better ask the leaders of the club.- Trying to do it. However, in vain: they only accept recorded the mass of the people, on the same phone calls and time does not remain. - Myself for about an hour and waited in the waiting room before they met with the President of the club. He's a busy man... Maxime, "Chernomorets" Spartak sold not only you, but also the African Tchoice. You're like, "cost" more. On the same day Vice President Novorossiysk club George Antonian said: "Tchoice cost us $200 thousand, Levitsky - less".- I was never interested in contract amounts. I don't care who much money is how much people make. Importantly, to believe me here, I can play and prove their skills.- And yet, personally, what salary you "put" in "Chernomorets"?- Let's say, going to "Chernomorets", in a material respect as compared with Spartak not lost. Moreover, in contrast to Moscow, running financial and consumer. I like this situation. However, in Novorossiysk domestic issues to solve which did not only was a new club, had two practice sessions, had to leave for a training camp. Now you tell me, by the way, I call to Cyprus.Took me in the club superbly. Yes, we have lot's of problems, but we solve them. Headache only that the team played. Moreover, the potential is large, as confirmed by the experts who have seen our team in деле.today.viaduk.net.

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