The Championship Of England. 30 round

The Championship Of England. 30 roundAston Villa - Manchester United" - 0:1 (0:1)"Aston Villa: Postma, Mellberg, Johnsen, berry, Samuel, Wright, Hendry, Hitzlsperger, Dublin (cook, 79), Vassell, Haji"Manchester United: Barthez, Gary Neville, Silvestre, O'shea, Ferdinand, Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, butt, van Nistelrooy, solskjГ¦r Goal: Beckham, Fredericia: Wright, 20. Haji, 54 - Scholes, 87.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The company plans to win the Cup of Russia

The company plans to win the Cup of RussiaCoach Rostov "Rostselmash" Sergei Balakhnin, as well as leaders of the club Alexander Maslov and South African Matthew Booth talked with fans in a live Internet broadcast on the website of FC Rostselmash.Sergei Balakhnin told fans about the tasks that the leadership here will put on the season - a place in the "five" and the Cup of Russia. As for the players, which the club will perform these tasks, Balakhnin noted that Faustova and Adam has a chance to reveal himself for the first team, but Kupriyanov, Shmarko and Fomenko may have to give way to more young and promising. Mentor "Rostselmash" also hinted that soon will be signed the first contracts with newcomers off season 2002/2003.Matthew Booth on the question of the dominance of foreign players diplomatically stated that if the legionary really good player, he will be a great addition to the club. Compared South African and the Russian championship with the championship South Africa, noting that it higher level, but quite another style. Alexander Maslov to the question about competitors for the title of top scorer answered simply: "My job is to try to score in every match as many balls as possible to eventually achieve a larger number of wins. And at the end of the season will count".. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of England. Blackburn proved to be stronger than MU

The Championship Of England. Blackburn proved to be stronger than MU1:0 Flitcroft, 40 Komandant /-Arsenal-Ali-tik-net United-mon-url-the-ant-bee-its-Alt-net Site-URI-Ben Villa-WHA-is-are-was Bromwich-Ben-wet Chem-3514. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ruby. The application for the championship

Ruby. The application for the championshipGoalkeepers: 1. Sergey Kozko, 45. Paul Harchik, 16. Valery Aleskerov;defenders: 3. Sergey Kharlamov, 21. Читать полностью -->

Aleksandr Tarkhanov: Cup Premier League turns into training camp

Aleksandr Tarkhanov: Cup Premier League turns into training camp29 March in Volgograd "Wings" will play their first game in the new tournament the Cup of the Premier League against the "Rotor". And before that samarians will train at home in Samara, where they arrived yesterday. Recall that these teams met most recently in the first round of the championship and the samarians of the house won a convincing victory - 3:0. Double counts Tikhonov, another goal held Kudryashova. The game was interesting, especially in the first half. And "Rotor" and "Wings" showed decent for this time of year is football. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Italy. 22-th round

The Championship Of Italy. 22-th roundUdinese - Roma" - 2:1 (1:0)Goals: Sensini, 35. Jacinta, 72 - Montella, Fredericia: Dacourt, 13. Zebina, 60. Cafu, 90 (all - P)Removal: Zebina, 90 (P)"Bologna" - "Empoli" - 2:0 (1:0)goals: Bellucci, 13. Vanoli, Fredericia: Nervo, 41. Читать полностью -->

Scotland - Iceland: match stats

Scotland - Iceland: match statsScotland - Iceland 2:Holy: Miller, 12; Wilke, 70th.Gudjonsson, the: Douglas, Alexander, Wilkie, Daley, Pressley, Ferguson, Crawford, Lambert, Miller (MacNamara, 82), Hutchinson (Davidson, 66), Seismically: Arason, Thorsteinsson, Vidarsson (Sigurdsson, 83), Sigurdsson, Gunnarsson, Kristinsson, Bergsson, Gudjonsson, Th.Gudjonsson, Gitarkameratene: Pressley, 25; Crawford, 74; Lambert, 90 - Sigurdsson, Buda: Temmink (Netherlands), Glasgow. "Hampden Park".. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Scottish Championships: match statistics

The Scottish Championships: match statisticsPartick Thistl 1 - Alex Barnes 7 Rangers 2 - Michael Mols 70 ; Ronald de Boer 79 Removal: Gerry Britton 72 (Partick Thistl). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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