John Arne Riise is aimed at Norwegian army

John Arne Riise is aimed at Norwegian armyThe player is instructed to begin his military service on 8 January, but Riise is hoping to defer et, as it is one of the most famous Norwegian players.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Milan managed to win back two goals in the match against Lazio

Milan managed to win back two goals in the match against LazioSunday night in the Italian football championship was held in the Central match of the tour, in which Milan played host to Lazio. For Milan, this match was the last before the game against FC Lokomotiv Moscow in the Champions League. Someone could say that it was a rehearsal of the team Ancelotti. However, it is unlikely that the confrontation between Rome and Milan can be compared with the match against the champion of Russia. The match at San Siro began their attacks. However, the actions of the Rossoneri did not pose any danger to protect visitors, as wards Ancelotti acted rather monotonous. Читать полностью -->

Juventus - leader of the year

Juventus - leader of the yearDespite the fact that this year ends in Milan under flags - inter and Milan are leading at the moment, Juventus is the General leader of the year. For 365 days Juventus lost to Milan, Lazio and Parma. While Juve conceded 22 goals in Serie A. In 33 games team Lippi scored 72 points - the largest index of credii teams of Serie a today.The greatest number of points 200272 Wwe Inter Milan Nationalist wins 200221 see countries20 Inter Milan Lazymans just defeats 20023 Wwe Inter Roma Melancholy 200262 Inter Juve Lazio Levopropoxyphene goals 200222 Wwe Milan Internalborder 200223 Vieri (inter)17 Del Piero (Juventus)16 Montella (Roma)16 Cruz (Bologna). . . Читать полностью -->

Andrei fedikow is going to return to the Premier League

Andrei fedikow is going to return to the Premier League- Do you agree that the past season was the Falcon" a failure?- If you flew, what you can be talking about the success?!- It seemed that "Falcon" is not mentally ready to fight for survival.- It was. I personally even in a bad dream could not dream of. We knew that the season will be difficult, but nobody in the team could not imagine that it would be this bad. What, in your opinion, the reason for the fiasco?- Our troubles began in Holland. At the final gathering of our rivals "drove" as wanted. When we lost several matches in a row, it became clear that it would be difficult.- You are not the first footballer "Falcon", who scolds Holland and collection in this country. Читать полностью -->

Kaiserslautern - the first finalist of the Cup of Germany

Kaiserslautern - the first finalist of the Cup of GermanyIn the first semifinal of the German Cup at the stadium named Fritz Walter agreed local. FC Kaiserslautern and Werder Bremen. In addition to reaching the final of the national Cup, a win in this encounter promised a part in the UEFA Cup, provided that the Munich "Bavaria" well on the road to their next League title, and thus to participate in the UEFA Euro tournament, will play in the second semifinal match Bayer Leverkusen. For "Kaiserslautern", which closes the standings of the Bundesliga, reaching the final of the national Cup was the last chance to save the honor of the uniform that, going forward, we can say they succeeded in full.The opening match was for the "red devils", from the beginning of the meeting showed who's boss. Already on the eighth minute Lincoln tapped in a cross from the flank Klose, blow his head sending the ball into the goal of Bremen. All attempts of the players with the river Weser awaking under the veil of the first half, to tie the score had no success. Читать полностью -->

Arshavin to Zenit until 2005

Arshavin to Zenit until 2005Midfielder Andrei Arshavin has extended his contract with Zenit until 2005. It is expected that the same will come from team-mate Arshavin Sergey Osipov.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

CL. Juventus - Deportivo

CL. Juventus - DeportivoJuventus - Deportivo 3:2 goals: Ferrara, 12; Trezeguet, 63; Tudor, 90 3 - Tristan, 34; Mackay, weverton: Buffon, Ferrara, Tacchinardi (Tudor, 77), Montero, Nedved, Camoranesi (Pessotto, 46), Trezeguet, Di VAIO (Zalayeta, 46), Zambrotta, Thuram, Avidstartup: Juanmi, Romero, Naybet, Cesar Martin (Jorge Andrade, 71), Mauro Silva, Makaay, Diego Tristan (Valeron 66), Fran (Capdevila, 46), Skalon, Dusker, Actorproducer: Tacchinardi, 67; Montero, 79; Davids, Buda frisk (Sweden), Turin. "Delli Alpi"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Parfenov predstavitsja next surgery

Parfenov predstavitsja next surgeryLate yesterday Dmitry Parfenov returned from Germany, where he passed another examination. Unfortunately, the doctors ' verdict disappointing - need another surgery, reports a press-service of FC "Spartak". However, the operation is negligible. It should help to quickly heal the remaining piece of bone. In any case, it will require additional time. Sunday Parfenov going back to Leverkusen and, most likely, on Monday will go "under the knife". Читать полностью -->

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