For the first time in 46 years the quarterfinals of the main Euro tournament will be played for German clubs

For the first time in 46 years the quarterfinals of the main Euro tournament will be played for German clubsThree remaining fixtures Tuesday failed to break the layouts of prevailing on the eve of the last round of the second stage of the Champions League: next are AC Milan, real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus. The departure of Borussia left Germany without representation in the quarterfinals of the main European club tournament for the first time since the season 1956/57."Milan, though, and it was suspected of wanting to playoff from the likes of real Madrid, has played against Borussia not something like: the coveted "zero" on the scoreboard Lehmann defended almost heroically, and once, after "guns" Gattuso, German goalkeeper played a bar. At the end of the match, lucky Borussia caught Milan is not clearly made artificial offside and scored the first home loss of the Rosso-Neri from German clubs in 47 years. However, the main statistical result of the meeting was still different figures - the above."Basel, on the eve of the match with Juve aloud tesisi the hope for a saving of 4:0, was soothing amazing blow Tacchinardi already in the 9th minute. Then calm relaxed and gave a very decent football - which never once showed the current draw of the Champions League. The solo, not forgetting, however, about other musicians, again played Hakan Yakin: I would be very surprised if the best player "Basel" (3 goals 4 assists in the matches of the UEFA Champions League 02/03) will not start next season in England or Italy.Long endure all that is needed, "Manchester United" made in La Coruna the exhibition of achievements of Junior a hockey club and looked generally curious. Читать полностью -->

Ricardo cabanas: Russian national team Albania heaven will not seem

Ricardo cabanas: Russian national team Albania heaven will not seemThis player at the time, fairly spoiled the mood Valeriy Gazzaev. In the fall of 2001, in Ramenskoye, Russia's Junior team couldn't overcome the Swiss peers. With the score 3:1 in favor of the then gazzaevskoy team player with an unusual for Swiss surname scored two goals and took the hosts a place in the next stage of the European championship. In the current cycle of the championship of the continent Gazzaev and Cabanas, apparently, destined to cross again.The correspondent "SE" was in Grasshopper" by noon - a time when Zurich "grasshoppers" are generally returned to training and is reinforced in the club's restaurant. But my companion, the only one in the team player of the national team of Switzerland, did not sit at a dinner for the players communal table. 24-year-old midfielder showed the nobility, abandoning the afternoon as it was in the course: I'm only passing through Zurich, hurry on the train, and therefore chose a different table is used for interviews. Читать полностью -->

Yuri Semin: Against Roma played better

Yuri Semin: Against Roma played betterAny defeat is never pleasant, especially if he begins the season. However, the head coach of railwaymen Yury Semin even hot on the heels after the match in Milan was ready to make a detailed comment on the actions of his team.? A year and a half ago after an away defeat against Roma, you said that it was tantamount to victory. How do you evaluate now result of the game in Milan?? Then in Rome, we really showed a good game, much better than it is now. This time I can be happy with the actions of their wards only in some episodes of the match, in which we practically lost to the home team. And, of course, we must admit that the bar facing our team has recently raised. At the end of last season "the locomotive" not only fought on equal terms with the leading clubs of the continent, but also regularly scored points. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Germany. Tour

The Championship Of Germany. TourBayern wins on home field against Leverkusen in the Bundesliga for the ninth time in a row. All 14 of his goals in the current championship Munich's Brazilian Elber scored in home matches.After losing on the road "Hertha" 0:6, Munich 1860 suffers heaviest ever defeat in the Bundesliga."Schalke the lead in the Bundesliga on the number of draws - 11. Belgian Legionnaire club Vermont for the third time this season, scoring a goal in the 90th minute, saves the team from defeat.. . . Читать полностью -->

UEFA Euro 2004. Inspection of the stadiums finished

UEFA Euro 2004. Inspection of the stadiums finishedErnie Walker, Chairman of the Committee for security and stadiums, expressed his satisfaction with the work on the construction of three new stadiums, which will host matches at Euro 2004.Mr. Walker, followed by the tournament Director Antonio Laranjo, was delighted with what he saw on the last day of his three-day tour of arenas, which will be held the European championship. The chair confirmed that the required date all 10 stadiums will be in good condition.The first UEFA delegation visited the home stadium of "Boavista" - "Do Bessa". "We are pleased with the pace of construction that is underway here," said Walker - we are informed that was demolished South stand and the North will be ready within two months." The South stand will be built in July or August, confirmed Walker."It was one of the most long and difficult projects, but now we are all calm and confident that it will be ready in time," - said the guest.From Porto Ernie Walker moved to the Minho region, where he inspected the stadiums in Guimaraes and Braga. After the inspection arena Alfonso Henriques in Guimaraes, Walker said, "This city's rich heritage while prepared for the tournament are better than others". Читать полностью -->

Patrick Vieira: the Main problem UEFA hypocrisy!

Patrick Vieira: the Main problem UEFA hypocrisy!As reported by Reuters, UEFA has called on Arsenal to make a formal complaint about racism from fans of "Valencia" in relation to the players of the English club during yesterday's Champions League match. The official representative of the European football Federation complained that such information usually appears in the press, instead of being formally considered by UEFA. In turn, today's British Newspapers quote Arsenal man Patrick Vieira: "the Main problem UEFA is hypocrisy. They assert that working to improve the situation, and they only fined clubs for 2-3 thousand pounds".Recalling these words, the UEFA representative stated that these figures are not true. In the last two such cases, the disciplinary Committee has fined the Dutch PSV "Eindhoven" on 30 thousand Swiss francs ($10 thousand), and the national team of Slovakia was forced to spend the next official home game without spectators. Interestingly, in both cases, racism was manifested towards the English teams - it's all the same to Arsenal and the England national team, respectively.. Читать полностью -->

MJ: the price of victory over Leeds

MJ: the price of victory over LeedsAfter the match with "Leeds" infirmary "Manchester United" added Roy Keane and Sebastian Verona. Alex Ferguson even wanted to replace Keane because of a hamstring injury early in the second half, but the player refused to leave the field. Now the Irishman will miss at least two games of the championship of England. The severity of the injury Verona will be determined by physicians in the near future.According to the coach, "MU", it is important that Keane and Veron returned to service in early April, when man UTD is playing important matches with Liverpool, Newcastle and Arsenal in the national championship and the first match of the Champions League quarter-finals for 11 days.. . . Читать полностью -->

Lada - Saturn-REN TV. The analysis of the match

Lada - Saturn-REN TV. The analysis of the matchIn the hardest fight that ended with a penalty shoot-out, won by Togliatti "Lada".One could hardly expect from the procedure bloodless in the offseason Lada's participation in the Cup field. As noted by the mentor of plant employees Alexander Garmashov, before the team this season, the challenge is not to withdraw from the competition at the national championship. But in "Saturn" plans would be extremely clear. At a meeting with Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov before the team was tasked to win the Cup. How his team will begin to implement this plan, Mr Gromov came to watch himself.Hard to say what the view remained the Hero of the Soviet Union about the outcome of yesterday's match, but the audience at the stadium "torpedo" ten thousand fans yesterday were overjoyed - they witnessed the birth of a new idol. Читать полностью -->

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