The Championship Of France. Marseille - PSG: detailed statistics

The Championship Of France. Marseille - PSG: detailed statisticsMarseille - PSG- 0:3 (0:1)"Marseille: Runge, van Buyten, DOS Santos, Ecker, LeBoeuf, Meite (Sychev, 61), Hemdani, Celestini, Bakayoko, FernandГЈo (Johansen, 38), Shops: Alonso, Pochettino, Cristobal, Heinze, Paulo Cesar (Laser, 72), Petillon, Ronaldinho, dey, Leroy, Pedron (rocky, 81), Ogbeche (Flores, 46)goals: Leroy, 28, 83. Ronaldinho, Fredericia: Johansen, 38. Sychev, 72. LeBoeuf, 87 - Heinze, 44. Cristobal, 55. Читать полностью -->

For Milan's main goal in the season will be to win the Champions League

For Milan's main goal in the season will be to win the Champions LeagueAfter an unsuccessful game of "Milan" in the home match against AC Chievo Verona ended in a 0-0 draw, the club's President Silvio Berlusconi said that now considers his team's victory in the Champions League the main goal this season. The case of the Milanese in the main Euro tournament are going well, they have already secured their participation in the quarterfinals. But in Serie a backlog of Milan from the leading Juventus has reached 6 points. According to Berlusconi in red and black still have a glimmer of hope for the scudetto, they will have to just wait for further developments.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Association will punish dugarri for spitting in the Aston Villa player

The Association will punish dugarri for spitting in the Aston Villa playerStriker "Birmingham" Christoph dugarri may be subjected to suspension for spitting at a player, "Aston Villa" of Joey Gudjonsson in the match last week. This was stated on Friday the representative of the English football Federation. Judge mark Hassli missed this episode, but the TV operator recorded the spit. Punishment dugarri can be up to three games suspension.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Simutenkov makes the second double in three days

The Simutenkov makes the second double in three daysIn the second consecutive match on the collection of the American MLS teams in Fort Lauderdale striker Kansas city Wizards" Igor Simutenkov scored twice. Yesterday his club defeated "Di.Si. United - 5:0.- During the break the coach thanked me for the game and, since the account by that time was already 4:0 in our favor, replaced by striker team USA Josh wolf, the last seven months of not playing due to injury, told the Simutenkov. - The Washingtonians stood out on watching Yura Petrov. After the game we talked. He optimistically assesses its prospects in the new team.. Читать полностью -->

Rubin has not yet decided whether he would remain in Spartacus

Rubin has not yet decided whether he would remain in SpartacusYesterday, the correspondent "SE" met with the President "Spartaka" Andrey Chervichenko.- In the application for the season, which "Spartak" has filed ten days ago, was not number of players. In particular, Torbinsky, Baranova, Smirnova and ruby. Will they dobavleny?- Torbinsky, which we restructure the contract, will soon add to the application. Want all players were new agreements, which have not only the responsibility of the club to the players, but also players before the club. These measures prompted us latest regulations that significantly untied the hands of the players. In the future Baranova Spartak still undecided. Читать полностью -->

The League matches of the 21st round.

The League matches of the 21st round.CHARLTON athletic - 1 (Lesbi 6)WEST BROM - 026196 spectators.SOUTHAMPTON - 2 (73 Beatty, Tessem 90)SUNDERLAND - 1 (Flo 77)31423 spectators.BLACKBURN - 2 (Duff 4, Andy Cole 78)WEST HAM - 2 (M. Taylor 24-own goal, Defoe 87)24998 spectators.MANCHESTER UNITED - 2 (Forlan 37, Beckham 73)BIRMINGHAM CITY - 067640 spectators.LEEDS 2 (30 Woodgate, Milner 45)CHELSEA - 040122 spectators.FULHAM - MANCHESTER CITY - 1 (Anelka 84)17937 spectators.EVERTON - BOLTON - 039480 spectators.ASTON VILLA 1 (Dublin 11), the important block - udalen Wilson (M) 27.33637 spectators.Playing on Sunday:NEWCASTLE TOTTENHAMUTAKA - LIVERPOOL. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The meeting of Saturn and Saturn cancelled

The meeting of Saturn and Saturn cancelledTonight Yaroslavl "Shinnik", located on the last pre-season training camp in Dutch Armello, will hold a training meeting with local team "Neikirk" (D3). Tomorrow is a scheduled friendly match with "Saturn REN-TV" will be a game with another Dutch club.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Eternal Derby of the Eternal city...

Eternal Derby of the Eternal city...Luxury flowers, banners with unflattering words about football functionaries, excerpts from films with the great Italian actor Alberto Sordi, tear gas, stones, flying down from the stands, the showdown between coaches and referees - which was not only yesterday, at the stadium "Stadio Olimpico" before, during and after the Rome Derby. To an outside observer it might seem that it is on any view, and not at a football match between the two capital clubs.It all started perfectly. Before the start of the match the captains Roma and Lazio Francesco Totti and Giuseppe Favalli was presented with a magnificent bouquet of flowers sister Alberto Sordi, once again honour the memory of the great Italian actor. The fans of both teams a round of applause greeted Aurelia Sordi, the first time came to the stadium "Stadio Olimpico" in the company of the mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni, as well as the presidents of both clubs Franco Sensi and Ugo Longo to cheer for your favorite team of his brother. Note, also, that two hours before the start of the match on giant stadium screens replayed excerpts from famous films with Alberto Sordi, which, in General, and it was dedicated to the Roman Derby.However, despite such a touching beginning that everyone soon forgot that everything was not as pretty and decent. High school football fans of Roma and Lazio, of course not for a moment forget that they are eternal rivals, and the riots at the stadium began with the match, but did not end with his termination. Читать полностью -->

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