Stoichkov broke an opponent's leg

Stoichkov broke an opponent's legFormer Bulgaria striker Hristo Stoichkov, acting nowadays for the MLS club D.C. United, broke his leg the opponent during the match between his club and the American University. Stoichkov has applied a sliding tackle from behind, ending opponent for a double leg fracture. The Bulgarian was shocked by the impact of a collision and apologized to the victim and his family. "I pray God for speedy recovery of the injured", he added.. . Читать полностью -->

Gerard Houllier is inclined to insist on their point of view

Gerard Houllier is inclined to insist on their point of viewThe Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier insists that he made the right decision in firing on the field in the starting lineup, Milan baroЕЎ and leaving in the stock of Michael Owen.Owen entered the field in the second half and scored the only goal for Liverpool, which however did not help the team avoid defeat against FC Birmingham city FC 2-1.French specialist said: "on Thursday we played in the UEFA Cup (Liverpool beat Auxerre 1-0). Milan is a good striker and scored in almost every game. Michael understands why he was not included in the starting lineup. He played a lot this season, and we need to be careful."The hive was unhappy that his team had twice been denied the right to take a penalty. The first time Clemens has violated the rules against Murphy, and the second Lazaridis fouled Bruno Cheyrou."The turning point was the second goal. We had a couple of chances to open the scoring early in the game, but we didn't take them. Читать полностью -->

Shearer is not going to return to the national team

Shearer is not going to return to the national teamNewcastle striker Alan Shearer has said that he is not going to play for England. Although earlier media reported that the veteran agrees to play for the team of Sven-Eran Eriksson, the player himself says it is.In particular, he said that media reports about his possible participation in the game of the English national team, forced him to seriously think about the possibility of such a step. After consulting with family and friends, he came to the conclusion that "the only true and fair solution" would be to say that he "doesn't want to coach England have treated him as a candidate for the England squad".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Berezovsky defended the victory of Dinamo

Berezovsky defended the victory of Dinamo"You have to be patient. Because the team is just being formed. From last year's squad today, only 4 people were playing, so to celebrate, tried to comfort Vladikavkaz journalists the head coach of "Dynamo" Victor Prokopenko, whose team won in Vladikavkaz is very important from a psychological point of view the victory. However, in the ranks of Dynamo were many debutants: Tarasevich, Batak, Haneke, Alberto, - all of them for the first time wearing blue and white t-shirts. And looking ahead, we note that their debut Prokopenko in General were satisfied. However, perhaps the most high-profile acquisition Dynamo - Brazilian Alberto in Vladikavkaz was in the shade. Читать полностью -->

Ranieri took the blame

Ranieri took the blameCoach London ?ChelseaВ¦ Claudio Ranieri felt himself the main culprit of defeat in Saturday's championship match against England "Leeds"."I made seven substitutions, compared with the previous game, and now I realize I was wrong, " said Ranieri. - I'm in the club 18 people, and all in great shape. I thought to play in two days on the third for 11 people is too difficult. However, I was wrong, and as a result, we took in two matches, just one point".This week Chelsea play at Stamford bridge draw with Southampton (0:0) and lost to "Leeds" (0:2).. . . Читать полностью -->

Rinat Dasaev. Ovchinnikov and all other

Rinat Dasaev. Ovchinnikov and all otherI would not want to offend the modern domestic goalies, but in our time the class goalkeepers was far higher. The country was huge, there was a selection, and tremendous competition. Therefore, fought their way to the top really are the best. Luminaries! And now... From goalies competing in the championship of Russia, on the basis of the Union club of the higher League, I think, could claim is that Sergei Ovchinnikov.However, decreased level of not only our goalie school. Читать полностью -->

Chilean muГ±oz will be in the Wings for the right condition

Chilean muГ±oz will be in the Wings for the right conditionThe Chilean Raul Munoz will not compete in the upcoming season of "wings of the Soviets". A thorough medical examination showed that the 27-year-old defender of the club "Colo-Colo" there are serious health problems. This was the main reason why Samara club refused to put his signature under the almost completed contract.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Guide Lazio has offered its players the club's shares in repayment of the debts under the salary

Guide Lazio has offered its players the club's shares in repayment of the debts under the salaryIf the players accept the proposal, the team will be able to save 50 million euros. Answer players must give 21 March.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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