Dinamo - Anji. Test match

Dinamo - Anji. Test matchA leading player in Dynamo Ognjen Koroman brought his club minimal victory over heavily entrenched in the current season of "Wings of the Soviets".Undoubtedly test match between capital Dynamo and "Wings" has become Central over the past week in preparing our teams for launch in less than a month to the championship of the Premier League. Interestingly, both teams in the second round on March 22, will compete in the official game.Coach Samartsev compared to the previous game made only one change in the starting lineup came out ex-Dynamo player Petr Nemov, which took place on the right brow. The blue and white is also changed. Viktor Prokopenko decided to try in the centre of defence of the Czech Brabec is Bataka. Interestingly, one of the leaders of the Muscovites Koroman again left in stock, because the first three matches he will be forced to miss due to suspension. Читать полностью -->

Trauma mares was not serious

Trauma mares was not seriousAccording to the official website of "Zenith", "Valentin Filatov, who received multiple knee injury in the doubles match "Zenith" and "Saturn", has been ruled out for the long term. About the precise time of the restoration of a footballer will be possible to speak only after a definitive diagnosis.Pavel mareЕЎ, injured in a match with "Saturn" ankle ligaments, according to doctors ' estimates, will be back in action fairly quickly.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo bought debts of Salamanca

Ronaldo bought debts of SalamancaBest player in the world Ronaldo who plays for real Madrid, bought the debts of the club of the second Spanish division "Salamanca", which hopes to return to College sports society. At the request of his good friend, the club's President Juan Jose Hidalgo he paid 30,000 euros, is vital to the humble representative of the Spanish "grassroots." "I am very proud that, whenever possible, help your a great friend Hidalgo," said Ronaldo. - I hope soon the club will emerge from the crisis and will be in the first division," reports gazeta.ru with reference to Reuters. "Salamanca" left elite League in 1999 and now languishes in 13th place in the second League.. . . Читать полностью -->

Gazza is targeting Leeds

Gazza is targeting LeedsPaul Gascoigne, one of the greatest English players of the 1990-ies, expressed a desire to become a "Leeds". This team is now coached by Terry Venables, which in the past was the mentor of Gascoigne in England. Gascoigne, who for football talent can be called great, and for antics off the pitch is terrible, no longer stands at a high level. The trouble began another collection of the English team before the 1998 world Cup, when then coach Glen Hoddle expelled him for drunkenness. For Terry I would have put. I highly respect him. Читать полностью -->

Ten revelations Vadim Nikonov

Ten revelations Vadim NikonovThe 2nd round. Torpedo-ZIL - torpedo - 2:1 - To win all the hand made. More precisely, leg. And most importantly - the head.3rd round. Anji - torpedo-ZIL - 0:0 - President of our club once said, "Write one for you". I wrote: "Figo, Zidane, Owen..." He appreciated my humor...18th round. Читать полностью -->

Charlton acquired the defender of the national team of Iceland

Charlton acquired the defender of the national team of IcelandClub English Premier League team Charlton completed the procedure of signing a contract with Icelandic defender "Ipswich" by Hermann Hreidarsson. The amount of the transaction amounted to 900 thousand pounds. 28-year-old this season out regularly in the starting lineup, "Ipswich", but due to financial problems the team its first division had to sell. It is reported that the agreement is for 3 years and three months.. . . Читать полностью -->

Milan - Atalanta: the evaluation of players

Milan - Atalanta: the evaluation of playersGazzeta Dello Sport Dida 5, Costacurta 5.5, Nesta 5, Maldini 4.5, Kaladze 5 (Helveg 6), 8 Gattuso, Rui Costa 6 (b Pirlo.on.), Seedorf 5.5 (Tomasson 6.5), Rivaldo 5.5, Serginho 5, Inzaghi 8 Corriere Dello Sport Dida 5.5, Costacurta 5.5, Nesta 5.5, Maldini 4, Kaladze 5 (Helveg 6), 7 Gattuso, Rui Costa 7 (b Pirlo.on.), Seedorf 5.5 (Tomasson 6.5), Rivaldo 5, Serginho 5, Inzaghi 8 Tuttosport Dida 5.5, Costacurta 5.5, Nesta 5.5, Maldini 4.5, Kaladze 5 (Helveg 6), Gattuso 7.5, Rui Costa 7 (b Pirlo.on.), Seedorf 5 (Tomasson 6.5), Rivaldo 5, Serginho 4, Inzaghi 8 Coriere Della Sera Dida 5, Costacurta 6, Nesta 5.5, Maldini 5, Kaladze 5.5 (Helveg 5.5), 7 Gattuso, Rui Costa 6.5 (b Pirlo.on.), Seedorf 5.5 (Tomasson 6.5), Rivaldo 5.5, Serginho 5, Inzaghi 7.5 Dida La Repubblica 5.5, Costacurta 6, Nesta 5.5, Maldini 5, Kaladze 5 (Helveg 6), Gattuso 7.5, Rui Costa 6 (b Pirlo.on.), Seedorf 5 (Tomasson 6.5), Rivaldo 5.5, Serginho 5, Inzaghi 7.5 Il Giornale Dida 5, Costacurta 6, Nesta 5, Maldini 4.5, Kaladze 4.5 (Helveg 5), 8 Gattuso, Rui Costa 6 (b Pirlo.on.), Seedorf 5 (Tomasson 6), Rivaldo 5.5, Serginho 4, Inzaghi 8. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Robson is ready to take revenge on the inter

Robson is ready to take revenge on the interThe head coach of Newcastle's Bobby Robson said that his team will learn from the defeat against inter with a score of 1-4 in the Champions League match that took place last year.Recall that now "forty" will travel to Italy, which can decide the fate of the team in the Champions League. "Trip to Kiev and Turin, a victory in Rotterdam and Leverkusen has allowed us to gain rich experience, that might help," said Robson.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. Legionnaires

The Championship Of Russia. LegionnairesIn the first round of the championship of Russia-2001 field were 19 foreigners. Now - 57. Exactly triple. In applications for season-2002 featured 49 foreign players from 13 countries. Now in applications for the first round matches (and how many did not hit the number 18?!) was listed 70 representatives of 23 States. Читать полностью -->

Schedule for March broadcasts

Schedule for March broadcastsAs reports "Telesport" scheme broadcasts of matches of the championship of Russia on football in comparison with last year has not changed. Still games of superiority of the country will show channels "Russia", 7TV, REN TV and NTV Football".First pick of the matches from each round belongs to the second state channel, which will broadcast on weekdays at 17:20, weekends at 16:00. Channel 7TV plans to show two games from each round, if possible in real time broadcasting. Title sponsor of the team "Saturn" channel REN TV will continue to broadcast all home games of the Moscow club. One match from each round will be broadcast satellite channel "NTV-Plus".1 th round. March 15, Saturday:"a torpedo-the Metallurgist" - "Spartak" - 16:00, "Russia", live;"torpedo" - "a Rostselmash" - 7TV, live;March 16, Sunday:CSKA - "the ruby" - 7TV, live;"Spartak-Alanija" - "the Dynamo" - "NTV Football, live;the 2nd round. Читать полностью -->

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