The Swiss championship: match statistics

The Swiss championship: match statisticsThe Karpenko 3 - Remo Buess 75 pins; agustГ­n Simo 80 ; Kader the Mangan 90 Basel 1 - There 10 Herve. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Belgium loses Vanderhuge

Belgium loses VanderhugeAhead of the qualifying match of EURO 2004? with Croatia national team of Belgium lost one of its key players. For Willow Vanderhuge season seems over.On Monday at a clinic in Antwerp 33 - year-old midfielder Anderlecht have surgery to remove knee cartilage. The injury was very serious, and Vanderhuge, rather late debut in the national team, probably, will miss the remainder of the qualifying campaign. The first of his 39 appearances for the national team midfielder has played at age 29 Peru (29 may 1999).News about the injury Vanderhuge complicated the lives of not only the coaches but also mentors club teams. Anderlecht, which occupies the second line in the table of the championship of Belgium, fighting for a place in the UEFA Champions League. Currently he is being persecuted on the heels of "Lokeren" and "Lers".Loss Vanderhuge no doubt a big loss for the team, but the midfielder is confident that the coaches will be able to find him a worthy replacement. Читать полностью -->

The Italian government announced an increase in the powers of the police during the arrest of hooligans

The Italian government announced an increase in the powers of the police during the arrest of hooligansIf law enforcement officers will have irrefutable proof of guilt, they will be able to judge the bully within 48 hours. To witness the rampage of vandalism and sentence will be enough videos of the riots. Such a law, adopted on 20 August 2001, worked long, because it was considered unconstitutional. Now it is again approved by officials in the government and the leadership of the Italian football Federation. Secretary of the Ministry of culture Mario pescante said that the heads of Calcio needs to take a more active part in the fight against hooliganism of football fans. "Now troublemakers will be judged," said pescante. Читать полностью -->

Brescia again proved to be too tough Milan

Brescia again proved to be too tough MilanThe contender "the Locomotive" in League of Champions AC Milan have completed the League game in a draw. However, the red and black remained at the top of the standings."Brescia arrived in Milan with a clear intention to make amends for their disastrous performance in this city at the beginning of the month. Then, we will remind, the team Carlo Mazzone defeated at San Siro countrymen red-black - players of "inter" ? with the score 4:0.While the guests cheered the fact that Milan doesn't win at Brescia for the past five years. The last time the Milanese celebrated success in the game with yesterday's enemy, on 9 November 1997. But the funny part is the last six meetings between these rivals ended in a draw.On this occasion, by the way, an amusing episode took place on the eve of the match. Giving an interview to Milan channel, the forward red - black Andriy Shevchenko when he was informed about this fact, exclaimed in surprise: "Really? This means that we must redouble our efforts, to win and to show beautiful football. Читать полностью -->

Roma - Valencia: match report

Roma - Valencia: match reportOne of the matches of the second group round of the Champions League took place on Rome, where the capital "Roma" was adopted at the Stadio Olimpico last year's champion Spain - Valencia. Both teams started the second stage of group tournament not too well and wanted to be in some sense correct.Later, 4 minutes after the starting whistle Lima struck his head on goal, but the past. Some time later the gate of the beat Canizares already Montella, after Cafu free kick. But the striker Romans were not luckier Lima. The visitors first shot on goal of the hosts then struck on the 27th minute of the match. Rufete received the ball from Vicente and kissed him with her right foot, but the ball went wide. Читать полностью -->

The Dutch team refuses to go to Chisinau

The Dutch team refuses to go to ChisinauThe national team of Moldova for the first time in history can hold a home match outside of Chisinau. Given the extremely poor state of the national stadium, the football Federation of the country under consideration, the April 2 preliminary matches of EURO 2004 in Tiraspol. Put there last year in the operation of the stadium club "Sheriff" meets all the required UEFA conditions. In turn, visited Moldova, the representatives of the Dutch Federation spoke out strongly against the meeting at the Republican stadium in Chisinau, expressing the wish that it took place at the stadium "Sheriff". However, an obstacle to this may be that for the game requires a special permit of the authorities of Transnistria, whose capital is Tiraspol.The final decision on the venue of the meeting of the Moldova - Netherlands will be taken once in early March, the Commission UEFA will inspect the Moldovan stadiums.. . Читать полностью -->

Bologna - inter: before the match

Bologna - inter: before the matchIn the Championships of Italy these teams of vstrechalas 59 times in Bologna. The hosts won 29 times, 19 guests, est 11 times was a draw. The most goals were scored in the 18th round of the 51-52 season, 3-4 in favor of inter. The largest win on the same side inter. With schtrom 6-0 21 may 1989 black and blue beat the hosts. (Matthews, Diaz, Serena Diaz, Serena, Matteoli). Читать полностью -->

Dinamo - Anji. Test match

Dinamo - Anji. Test matchA leading player in Dynamo Ognjen Koroman brought his club minimal victory over heavily entrenched in the current season of "Wings of the Soviets".Undoubtedly test match between capital Dynamo and "Wings" has become Central over the past week in preparing our teams for launch in less than a month to the championship of the Premier League. Interestingly, both teams in the second round on March 22, will compete in the official game.Coach Samartsev compared to the previous game made only one change in the starting lineup came out ex-Dynamo player Petr Nemov, which took place on the right brow. The blue and white is also changed. Viktor Prokopenko decided to try in the centre of defence of the Czech Brabec is Bataka. Interestingly, one of the leaders of the Muscovites Koroman again left in stock, because the first three matches he will be forced to miss due to suspension. Читать полностью -->

Trauma mares was not serious

Trauma mares was not seriousAccording to the official website of "Zenith", "Valentin Filatov, who received multiple knee injury in the doubles match "Zenith" and "Saturn", has been ruled out for the long term. About the precise time of the restoration of a footballer will be possible to speak only after a definitive diagnosis.Pavel mareЕЎ, injured in a match with "Saturn" ankle ligaments, according to doctors ' estimates, will be back in action fairly quickly.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ronaldo bought debts of Salamanca

Ronaldo bought debts of SalamancaBest player in the world Ronaldo who plays for real Madrid, bought the debts of the club of the second Spanish division "Salamanca", which hopes to return to College sports society. At the request of his good friend, the club's President Juan Jose Hidalgo he paid 30,000 euros, is vital to the humble representative of the Spanish "grassroots." "I am very proud that, whenever possible, help your a great friend Hidalgo," said Ronaldo. - I hope soon the club will emerge from the crisis and will be in the first division," reports with reference to Reuters. "Salamanca" left elite League in 1999 and now languishes in 13th place in the second League.. . . Читать полностью -->