The UEFA coefficients table (1998/99 - 2002/03)Strana/9999/20002000/012001/022002/03 (scores)Sum (1998/99-2002/03)Number of clubs (continue)1. Hispania,00018,57116,61114,85712,250(98)72,2898(5)2. Anglia,43714,50014,16611,57110,000(90)57,6749(4)3. Italy,00012,0009,81212,57110,357(71,5)56,7407(5)4. Germany,35711,07111,06213,5008,571(60)50,5617(2)5. France,64210,2859,5007,1257,916(47,5)43,4686(0)6. Читать полностью -->

Chernyshov walked to the international Association of coaches

Chernyshov walked to the international Association of coachesThe head coach of the youth national team of Russia Andrei Chernyshov walked into the coaches Association (FACA), created in 1997 when the English football Association. Its members are the majority of British professionals, as well as foreign coaches. To Chernyshova our country in FACA represented Nikita Simonyan.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Vasilyuk returned from opals

Vasilyuk returned from opalsBelarusian striker Roman Vasilyuk purchased "Spartak" in the season 2002, is back in the team. At the time the forward, who really wanted to see Oleg Romantsev, after signing a contract with "red-white", mentor 9-multiple Champions of Russia is not liked, though, and has played 5 matches in which he scored 2 goals, after which he was loaned to Dinamo Minsk. Now "Spartak" has serious problems with strikers. That is why the "disgraced" the player will receive one more attempt to gain a foothold in the camp of "red-white".. . . Читать полностью -->

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